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Is Brian White in trouble again?



By Staff Writer

It seems Brian White has is in trouble again. Not that he is scared or anything but the problems just keep piling up every time he tries to do something great again.

The former money bags who was the talk of the town when he would line up bodaboda men, farmers, the ghetto youth among other groups and hand them cold hard cash has since gone silent.

Every time his name pops up, there seems to be an issue that people are complaining about these days.

It seems the once celebrated money bags has gone back to the dogs and is in trouble again. We have learned White acquired two posh rides that have landed him in even more trouble. Sources say he got the two cars that he has now failed to pay for.

Mbu, Uganda Police is moving to confiscate the cars in order to recover the money. This leaves snoops wondering if the former money bags is struggling or if he is only pretending to shake off beggers who are always asking for money from him.

We hope he is not in any trouble at all.

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