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Irene Ntale linked to married tycoon



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Irene Ntale

By BigEyeUg Team

Musician Irene Ntale likes to keep her fans guessing, never coming out to state who the real love of her life is. After news that she was dating a top city bar owner, to news that she was dating a married man whose wife promised to burn her with acid, more news is coming in that the ‘Sembera’ singer is now in a hot relationship with another city tycoon who is also married.

According to our sources, Ntale has been seeing the man for some time and the two prefer to keep their relationship below the covers. The man who owns real estate businesses and drives very expensive cars is said to be deep in love with the singer to the extent that he has been smoked out at top city bars with Irene enjoying life together.

Speaking about her love life recently, Irene said; “Yes, I am seeing someone right now, and we love each other so much. Well, I would love to tell you his name but I won’t, for my sake and his too. I would prefer not to answer if he is my Mr. Right, but what I can say is time will tell. When musicians fall in love they tend to be judged more. This is unfair because I don’t see why doctors or lawyers don’t get such treatment. Personally, it has affected me in so many ways. It is very difficult to tell who is a genuine person. I do not know which man is in love with me for being Ntale or just because am a celebrity.”

We will keep you posted.

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