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Introducing Jay Hustle, a UK based upcoming artiste



Who is Jay Hustle?

J. Hustle is a UK based upcoming artiste who made his first appearance in “Drive Me Crazy” ft Ag3lina and Si Mberenge Ft. Fresh Papoose. Jay Hustle also a brother to singer Fyonna Nsubuga says that was at the time he was yet to discover himself.

He has began 2014 with his first solo release titled “Ndabila Kukyi” which is currently going viral on social media. The song embraces a woman’s qualities, which a lot of people may not value in today’s society. Emphasis is put on those qualities and demonstrates the importance of these assets.

J. Hustle has showed extreme fortitude with his powerful lyrics and warm spirit. He explains that it took a day to compose the song, emphasising his passion and electrifying creativity.

Is there anything more we don’t know about J. Hustle’s music?

I am having fun with the music and still exploring my creative edge. I am not afraid to experiment. I am going beyond life experiences creatively as well as entertaining people, whilst showcasing life experiences.

Is there a target audience for your music?

There are no limitations to my music and my image and persona shouldn’t deceive people in thinking that my music is aimed towards a certain age group. My music accommodates all ages, all creeds and all races. There is a lot more fun and laughter to come!

So what’s next for Jay Hustle?

As well as promoting my music on a global scale, I also plan to enhance the Ugandan communities understanding of my music and what my music is about. Home is where the heart is for me; part of my music is about the people, the community and the Ugandan culture. My music will not only exemplify the realities of life but will also bring out the humorous perspective on life itself.

There is so much more to come. The journey is just at the beginning!

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