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Inside Story: Why Frank Walusimbi is Leaving NTV Uganda for BBS TV?



Frank Walusimbi

By Our Reporter

On Friday evening, the mood was tense at NTV Uganda. Frank Walusimbi had boldly told his employers at NTV that he was not about to rescind his decision of leaving the station.

As the country prepared for elections, Frank Walusimbi kept hinting to management that his time at the station was up. But many did not believe him or if they did they thought they could convince him otherwise.

Last week, when Walusimbi once again brought up the issue, management then rushed around with a quick strategy. First, was to create a virtual promotion for Walusimbi that would come with a pay raise. But Walusimbi made it clear that it was not about money and even if his salary was to be doubled, he was leaving.

On Monday afternoon, the bomb was set-off. Walusimbi gave in a hard copy of his resignation letter followed with email copies. Meanwhile in the NTV Whatsapp group, the farewells begun as others inquired about his next step.

Some thought he was leaving for NBS TV, a station that has made NTV its hunting ground. It was later in the evening that Walusimbi hinted about a move to BBS TV.

He promised to always keep in touch. At BBS TV, Walusimbi is literally going to call the shorts at the station, right from being the programmes manager and almost being the Managing Director in charge of all content. Call him a Technical guy of sorts.

It is only a matter of time before Walusimbi goes public. Some think he will be officially unveiled during the official launch of BBS TV.

However, management at NTV has chosen to keep silent about the issue saying as far as they know Walusimbi is still an employee.

Yet his desk at the station is now cleared. The only remains are his lunch container which Sheila Nduhukire has decided to take over as she’s been borrowing other people’s containers.

Well, Frank Walusimbi, welcome to BBS TV. Ngule beer is on us.

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