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imbabaziIMBABAZI, THE PARDON will be showing today at the Euro-African Kampala Film Festival at 4.30PM at Theatre la Bonita.

Here is the plot, In Rwanda 1994 Manzi and Karemera are best friends who seem to be inseparable. That’s until the inexorable forces of history and violence tear them apart.

After the death of Rwanda’s Hutu President plunges the country into ethnic civil war, Manzi must choose between friendship and family, and Karemera pays the horrific price.

Fifteen years later, news of Manzi’s release from prison throws Karemera’s life into chaos. Karemera attempts to return his childhood friend to prison, while Manzi struggles with his own guilt.

As the former friends search for justice and absolution, they both find themselves at odds with a society eager to forget the trauma of the past. Can Manzi and Karemera remain true to themselves and also come to terms with their past?

Don’t miss it.

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