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“I’m Single, Lonely And Starving”, Bad Black Cries As She’s Chucked On Air.



Bad Black

Away from the insatiable media attention, Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black is a lonely woman hugging her pillow since release from jail.

The former conqueror of the whooper empire both local and internationally, Bad Black’s yoyo formerly her greatest ass-et, is now a shadow of her former self. The once famous yoyo with rich history is said to be on its way to virginity rejuvenation.

Early this morning, the former convict called a local radio, Beat FM, morning show segment “Zuula Munno”, a slice dedicated to catching cheating lovers by proving their faithfulness.

Bad Black claimed the love of her life was one Richard who had kept out of the limelight and promised her that they would be together upon release from jail and start a family. When the show host attempted to trick him, he revealed that he was in love with another woman and has already moved on with his life.

Bad Black claimed she had been his lover since 2012 and she hoped to rejuvenate their romance but he was not willing to listen. He switched off his phone.

Bad Black was left to absorb the early morning rude awakening that things have changed. She revealed that she is up for grabs.

However being experienced, she confessed that she is not interested in Batooro men whom she accused of being too weak to last longer than a chorus of a song!

All ye men, the huntress is now the hunted, get your weapons and bring home the bearded meat!

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