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I Will Not Wed Anytime Soon, Iryn Namubiru



By Stuart G-khast

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Super Diva and One time artiste of the year Iryn Namubiru has denied rumours that she is pushing out with NTV news anchor Gabriel Epenu. Namubiru who insisted that Gabriel is simply a close friend has told our sources that she is concentrating on bringing up her kids for now.

However, Iryn did not rule out a u-turn to her ex-husband Frank Morel with whom they separated a year ago. The couple had had two kids by the time their marriage went sour. Frank and Iryn had a physical fight at a train station in France and the singer has since not gone back to her hubby.

The ‘tebiba bingi’ singer said she still has fresh memories of the event and she is not about to wed Frank Morel or anyone else for that matter. Iryn Namubiru will launch her Tebiba Bingi album this October at Africana hotel.

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