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I nearly aborted my first baby – Sasha Brighton



By BigEyeUg Team

Renowned band music singer, Sasha Brighton has revealed how she was convinced by her friends to abort her first child but she rejected it.

During her interview on NTV Uganda’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ show hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe, Sasha narrated how miserable life got after conceiving at her mother’s home.

The ‘So Lucky’ crooner, said that her single mother threw her away from their home after realizing that she was pregnant.

It was at this juncture that Sasha Brighton got desperately antagonistic and she rented her own house in Kampala.

When my mum threw me out, I decided to go back to Kampala and that was the time I got pregnant. During that time, I wanted to be alone so I went and rented my own house,” Sasha Brighton said.

Sasha said that her friends advised her to abort immediately after realizing that the man responsible for her pregnancy was actually married.

She refrained from her friends advise and decided to keep her baby.

After realizing that I was pregnant, I also found out that he had a wife and decided to stay away from him. At that time, my friends advised me to abort but I was not okay with it,” she added.

Later, Sasha sought to resume her undone studies and she applied for a certificate at Kyambogo University.

Unfortunately, she didn’t succeed this time around.

After giving birth, I thought of going back to school and applied for a certificate at Kyambogo. Unfortunately, life was different, and I couldn’t manage. I was used to normal classes where teachers force us to attend class but this side it was different.”

Born real names, Joweria Kalungi Nannozi, Sasha Brighton is the firstborn in a family of eight children and grew up with a single mother. They grew up in Kampala but later on went back to Wobulenzi.

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