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I don’t wear cheap stuff – Kabs Haloha



By Reporter

He might not be all over your faces but Kabs Haloha is undoubtedly one of Uganda’s biggest fashion guru. His contribution to fashion is overwhelming. He talks about his love for fashion, what he has been up to, and his boxer, suitcase brand.

1. Briefly describe Kabs Haloha?

Kabs Haloha is an entrepreneur, fashion and pop culture person, and above all a multitalented journalist.

2. Where did you learn fashion from?

I didn’t study or learn fashion but I have it inborn it’s in my blood and just for clarity most top fashion influencers never learn this but are born fashion-forward.

3. Who was behind your inspiration?

I am inspired by an American fashionista and media person Ryan Seacrest. I have endured home of Gents being a suit person I wear a lot of suits and I think he is amazing, then Ryan secrets distinction.

4. How long have you been in the fashion business?

I have been doing fashion-related projects for about 7 years now.

5. Are you a fashion designer or just a collector?

I am not a designer nor collector but I have an inspired design on market up and running in east and central Africa and to be particular it’s a boxer, suitcase brand.

6. Do you have a fashion store?

I don’t have a store but I got a boxer and suitcase brand up and running on sale distributed in east and central Africa

7. Do Ugandans expect you back in the fashion industry anytime soon?

I don’t have to be back to be a key player in the Industry I have been and will always be even while I am here and like I said you can be influential on social media too not only physically

8. What is the most expensive design you have come up with? How much was the suit?

I don’t wear cheap stuff sorry but something slightly less I have worn something for $ 200.

9. How do you rate our fashion industry with our parts since you are a fashion person?

Our fashion show industry is rising on high speed right now we got different fashion icons and influencers who we didn’t have back in the years. Now we got real-time high-end red carpet events and shows.

10. What challenges have you been facing in this industry?

I keep getting many of these who say want to be like me and you claim am there to the inspiration they are filled in my social inboxes however what I can tell them is first you got to dream then be hopeful, never give up to push for your dreams and above all put God first.

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