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“I can’t stop crying”, Irene Namubiru still traumatized following boat accident



By Nila Faisal

Singer Irene Namatovu remains traumatized following the Saturday Lake Victoria boat tragedy that claimed the lives of over 32 people.
The “Nkwagalanyo” hitmaker was one of the lucky 27 survivors after the MV Templer boat they were cruising in from KK Beach Ggaba to Mutima Beach in Mukono capsized with over 100 people on board.
Irene Namubiru has revealed that she is suffering from trauma and cannot stop crying.
The singer made the revelation in a post on Instagram .
“I recorded this video because my song was playing. Never at any one point did I even realise that we were already in so much danger. Many of these people died. I recognised this staggering girl’s body immediately.
I watched the videos last night and noticed what must have been taking place at the time.I did not see what I am seeing then.

I only recorded to have my song , just for the sake of the song. I am discovering this at the same time as you and the same questions keep popping, had I realised this then, probably I would be dead because I would have panicked, or may be I would have called for emergency. I dont think i would get the guts to record us dying knowingly. I don’t know.. Wabula Kitalo, katonda ayongere okungumya nange.
May you all Rest In Peace.

I cannot stop crying now. I knew about 10 people who all died! 😫💔🙏 ..” Namubiru wrote.

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