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How Ugandan youth are learning about Peacebuilding



By Staff Writer

When you think about peace, what comes to your mind? For many, peace is understood as a concept. Ugandan youth in several regions of the country have for a long time gone through a lot of issues that disrupt their peace. The hostilities and violence in these areas have taken away their right to peace in the long run disorganized their lives.

Thanks to the activities of the Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD Uganda), there is hope for every youth in these areas.
Ugandan youth in the Rwenzori region mainly Kasese and Bundibugyo, and Central/Buganda region in areas like Wakiso are now learning about peace supported by ACORD in their youth groups through dialogue, sports, and drama.

This has already been seen in affected areas of the country. For example, in the Rwenzori region, a step by step to peacebuilding by ACORD Uganda has been ongoing successfully building peace brick by brick. This is supported by UNFPA Uganda and involves key stakeholders like the Kasese district’s inter-religious council that is committed to Peace Building.

All this was put into perspective recently by Mubiru Kuraish, a young person who participated in one of the peacebuilding training sessions for young leaders organized by ACORD. He said, “We are the Country – we are the people; we are the change we want to see!”

Mubiru Kuraish, one of the participants at the Training in Integrated Leadership and Peace Building for Youth-led Organizations, shared his thoughts about the Potential Role of the Youth in peacebuilding.

He added; “We are the youngest population in the world, we stand a chance! If we only come together we can change our destiny. Which destiny is a Peaceful Uganda.”

The youth are also learning other concepts like integrated leadership and Peacebuilding for their organizations, institutions of learning, and constituencies. This way youth leaders discuss and working together towards their full potential in peacebuilding.

Beneficiaries like market vendors and Boda Boda leaders are also getting knowledge about Conflict and Dispute, Dialogue and Debate, Equity and Equality as well as Fairness and Justice all this to harness the youth’s potential for sustaining peace in Uganda.

There you are, peacebuilding really starts with you working with fellow youth to drive Uganda to greater heights. Harnessing the Youth’s Potential for Sustaining Peace in Uganda is an initiative by ACORD Uganda with support from UNFPA Uganda.

About ACORD Uganda.
The Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development – Uganda (ACORD-U) is a Ugandan National Non-Governmental Organisation that has worked in Uganda since 1979 with headquarters in Nsambya-Kampala and several other offices across the Country.

ACORD-U aspires to contribute towards Uganda’s Development and Humanitarian Responses for Vulnerable Communities in Rural and Peri-Urban Areas. Currently, ACORD-U Implements interventions in more than 23 Districts in the South-western, Western, Northern, West-Nile, and Eastern Parts of Uganda.

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