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How to Easily Play Video Poker Online



By Staff Writer

Casinos are just the most trusted and proper place to get thrilled and bet your chances in poker. And it got more inventive when video poker was released in many casinos in Vegas. The online revolution has now made playing video poker easier and accessible to anyone and anywhere on the planet.

But How Do You Play Video Poker Online?

First of all, you have to know where to play. You can either play on your PC or on your mobile phone. Applications by Google play or Apple are abundant, but most of them are fake. If you want the real thing and you have not decided where to play yet, choose a poker game that’s managed by a reputed casino. You won’t get wrong with that. After locating your playing stage, it’s time to understand how to play it online.

Open an Account

Opening your account will just take at most two minutes. Add in your details such as name, email address, date of birth preferred currency, etc. 

Make a Deposit

To start playing the real thing, you would have to add cash to your online wallet. This will be the amount you can bet on any game you would want to play including video poker. However, if you don’t want to bet just yet, you can test the waters by pressing the demo play button on the screen.

Choose Your Preferred Video Poker Game

You have several options on the type of video poker game you can play. There is the Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces, Multi-Hand, etc. 

Learn How to Navigate the Game

Most online video poker games are quite intuitive and you would get the feel of it right away. But if you are having a hard time in the beginning, familiarize yourself first with this set of controls.

  • Stake Buttons – These are your controls for the ante and your succeeding bet amounts for the next hand. Use the + and – symbols on either side of the displayed amount to add or decrease your bet.
  • Bet one – This automatically sets the bet to a minimum.
  • Bet Max – Automatically bets the maximum stake and DEALS your cards. So be careful about pushing this button.
  • Deal – Deals your cards.
  • Hold – After your cards have been dealt, you have the option to hold some of your cards. You can hold up to 4 cards on the deck. Just tap the cards you would want to hold. If you have mistakenly heald the incorrect card, you can tap it again to deselect.

Press deal again to show the final cards dealt.

  • Collect – If you had won, press this button to place your money in your online wallet or bank.
  • Double – You can also choose to bet again by pressing the double button and restarting another game with your winning pot being used.

Playing poker whether online or dealing with real cards is quite a thrilling and entertaining game. With online video poker, things just got more accessible to the avid players and it can be done with just a few taps on your phone or clicks on your computer.

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