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How Bebe Cool lost his phone last night



By Staff Writer

When you look at celebrities, you expect them to be beyond certain things. Turns out they are human too and experience all the things a normal person does.

Last night, despite his security and everything else Bebe Cool, a Kamwokya boy on Kiira road showed Bebe Cool the city as it is said these days.

Apparently the singer who must have forgotten to close his car window was in for a big shock when a Yankee jumped in and grabbed his very expensive iPhone.

Bebe Cool lamented on Social Media, probably using one of his many other high-end smartphones saying that he has been robbed.

Thug lucky as he snatches my fon @Kira road traffic lights. Sorry incase u call and no response.

Turns out all the time in the gym couldn’t help.

Sorry about your phone Bebe, we hope the street cameras can provide some clues on who took it.

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