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Hit-On By a Gay Stranger.



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homoBy Dan B. Atuhaire

23rd, Jan. 2014. Location: Limbe, a suburb of Blantyre City (Malawi). For close to 5 Months, I lived in this part of town that doesn’t look remote on face value, though it rather comes off as old-school in almost every aspect. Limbe literally shuts down by 6pm. There are a few taxis still plying their trade, but they hardly stop by. It’s like a transit route to other destinations.

The shops too. They are all closed by 5pm, save for a couple of supermarkets. ‘Peoples’, a popular chain of supermarkets in the country on an approximate 800 meter stretch, is the lone open supermarket beyond 6pm. It opens till 10pm. The other is an Indian-owned supermarket by the roadside whose name failed to register in my memory.

It gets worse on weekends. Especially Sundays. One would imagine residents have been sent on a state-funded vacation, or they are all nursing dreary hangovers. Not even stray animals –Dogs, cats, or owls can be seen roaming on the streets. I guess they dread the lone nights out there as well. Limbe appears serene and peaceful in the evenings. Unless, of-course, if you forgot one of those must-have necessities, and you have to do that chilling trip to ‘Peoples’.

Only then will you hear strange sounds from all angles. Behind you, ahead of you, Or sideways. Whistles, cackles or shrieks. Sounds from all corners. Phantom sounds. Once in a while, you will see a few idle-looking blokes slouched on patios of closed stores. Some look like hired rag-tag Askaris for the store owners, while others could pass for seasoned street burglars.

The food: The menu on all restaurants reads like a presidential decree. Very monotonous. It’s either beef or Chicken. Broiler chicken. If you are lucky to find an alternative, it will be goat, local chicken or fish. Even with all the water bodies around, fish is still treated as a rare delicacy. It’s pricey. I guess it’s the reason it’s not on many eateries’ menu. Very few locals can afford it.

Beef is prepared in all sorts of ways; T-bone steak, Stew, name it. All in the name of making the menu look rich and long, I suppose. It’s still beef. The last time I was in this part of the world, I returned home 15Kgs heavier.

I had to take some precaution. But there was one small problem. There is only one renown gym, I was told. And it closes by 5:30pm. I elected to do a little exercise of my own. My office was about 2Km away from the hotel. I thought it would be a good piece of exercise if I decided to walk the distance to and from office, every day. It was one of the ways I would keep my weight in check.

I was on one of my routine evening strolls from office when a grey speeding Nissan X-Trail suddenly slowed down, before stopping a few meters ahead of me. On the driver’s seat, a grey haired man of apparent Indian extraction donning a golden tunic signaled out to me, as if to inquire something. I pulled over, stopping by the co-driver’s side.

“Hi. My apologies. I guess I mistook you for someone else,” he said.
“OK… And who could that be?” I asked.
“My son. He was in town, so I figured he had decided to walk home,” he replied.

I was puzzled. He, with his skin color, had sired a son so dark that his complexion was comparable to mine? I let it pass. But he would not let me go.

Stranger: “Where are you going?”
Me: “To my hotel.”
Stranger: “What’s the name of the hotel?”
Me: Bluebird.

“Oh, OK. So you are new in this place, aren’t you?” I answered in the affirmative. He asked where I came from, to which I told him Uganda. He said his name was Noor. He’d grown up in Tanzania, and he spoke fluent Swahili. We exchanged proper pleasantries in Swahili before switching back to English. What, then, was he doing in Malawi? Noor said he was there for business.

The business had been good, so he decided to move his whole family to Malawi. They stayed in Mpingwi, a few kilometers from Limbe. My hotel was on the way to his home, a few meters off the junction that leads to Mpingwi. He offered to drop me. It was one of those chilly evenings when the heavens threaten to open up unannounced. The offer sounded rather innocuous. A genuine, friendly gesture. Noor unlocked the door and I made myself comfortable in the co-driver’s seat.

We were soon at my hotel, shortly after which we exchanged contacts. I had got myself a new friend, or so I thought. Noor asked if he could check out the hotel rooms. I saw no issue taking him to mine. I had been asked the same question, a few times by friends and peers for potential reference to colleagues on working visits and all. I agreed to have him take a peek at my hotel room.

Noor’s visit would turn out to be more than just a brief look at my room. Once I had the door open, he made his way to the middle of the room, somewhere in between the wardrobe and the bed before suddenly stopping in his tracks. “Oh, by the way. You haven’t welcomed me to your room,” he said. I should have sensed something was wrong. Somehow, I didn’t. Noor flung his rickety hands towards me in an attempt to initiate a hug. It all still looked a familiar gesture.

So we hugged.

I could almost count the number of vertebrae(those circular-looking bones that a converge at the spinal code) on his spine in the few seconds he held me. He was that skinny. And wobbly. One strong slap would easily send him sprawling to the floor, I thought to myself. Noor made his way to the bed, before asking me to join him. It now dawned on me. I was in peculiar company. I didn’t react immediately, but rather gave him a blank stare. Like I was staring into an abyss. I stayed glued to my seat for a couple of seconds, before asking him what he was up to.

“You got a really hot body,” he went on. He probably believed he had me cornered. I guess he thought he was at that point where a woman you have been chasing is one smart move away from giving a nod to your overtures. Or one romantic gesture. A morning text or an evening movie date.

Deep inside, I believed there was something else giving him the confidence, and the guts to pitch such silly propositions. He might have had a gun (I have heard of cases where people have been raped on gun-point), or he could have been high on drugs. Could I have looked easy prey for him? He certainly couldn’t have mistaken my broad chest for boobs. I bore a fairly grown stubble on my chin. I certainly didn’t look like a woman.

At this point, I faked a phone call and signaled to him I needed to meet somebody downstairs. As one would imagine, the “call” ended as soon as were out of the room. Noor wasn’t giving up so easily. He asked what my program for the weekend was. I told him I was busy, and wasn’t ever going to do anything with him.

Now, one of the advantages of working in telecoms is that it’s easy to trace a mobile user’s details, as long you have their number. So I decided to dig-out more about Noor. A quick search on my database returned the few details I needed at that point. Noordin Ahremani was his full name, a 42 year old raging gay(the database didn’t have that, of course) that was born in Mumbai in 1973.

Now, I needed to stay out of Noor’s reach. I needed to block his number from calling me, which I did successfully, after a number of rounds on the net and successful installation of a call-blocking application on my phone. I could have done it the harsh way, and have him disconnected from the network. But I decided to be lenient on him. Two failed call attempts the following Saturday had him finally give up, for he never tried calling again.


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Subaru Officially Uganda’s Fastest Growing Car Brand



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By Staff Writer

Subaru is unofficially the fastest growing car brand in Uganda at the moment. You could call it the car for the baby class of 1986 to 1994. It is basically the car for the M7 Bazzukulu. Thanks to the growing mechanics confidence in repairing the car, and the increased availability of spares.

Away from that, Subaru is a car that was surely designed for speed. The accelerator will always tempt one seated behind the wheels of a subaru. Not many cars have that fast acceleration from zero to a hundred. You understand why many subarus are flying.

One brand to watch in particular is the Subaru Outback, probably one that was designed to give you a taste of every good thing Subaru has to offer. It was designed with the functionalities of an SUV, pimped up with the speed of a Legacy. It is as solid as they come. Basically hits many birds with one stone. For those in love of road trips, this is the car. They tend to come with an Economic and Sport functionality. On a normal day, you can choose to drive in the economical version, you would probably want to test the sport on a great road.

For now, any clever mechanic should be preparing a customized package for Subaru clients. The brand has taken the young male and females by storm. It is going to keep taking share of market and growing brand affinity. Any mechanic that sells a Subaru package is going to enjoy the coming years so does any person selling subaru spares.

Of course Subaru will have to compete for this share of market with growing entrants such as Wishes, Runx and Fielders, not forgetting the famous bread car aka Passo.

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Rules You Must Follow regularly for a healthy skin



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By Staff Writer

You must have a healthy skin care routine in order to have a glowy skin inside out. Having perfect skin is important to keep yourself confident and happy with your appearance. You can follow certain tips in the form of rules in order to make your skin gentle and rejuvenated. If you are having any special skin disease then you must visit a dermatologist before using any of the suggested solutions to keep your skin secure from any sorts of allergies. The type of environment that we live in contains many free radicals that are quite harmful to your skin. There are many skin sensitive issues that can change your complete look and you might feel the need for a regimen that can steadily restore your skin back to normal. 


You must choose a healthy diet because what goes inside your stomach gets reflected on your face and tummy. You must drink eight glasses of water every day in order to keep your body hydrated in the required amount. Your skin needs water to restore the glow and these are some of the skin regimens that are not hard but necessary to follow. We generally fail to acknowledge their importance in our everyday lives. Talking in terms of diet, you must follow a clean and nutritional dietary routine in order to look healthy in every manner.

  • Try to eat healthy, whole food items and assortments and avoid junk food, especially the ones that contain a lot of oil and are at high temperature(avoid too hot food).
  • Eat fruits and leafy vegetables that facilitate the production of collagen. Spinach, carrot, and beetroot are really good for maintaining healthy skin. You can consume them in the form of juices if not in vegetables.

By following these simple dietary rules you can convert them into your habits and they will protect your skin from sagging and wrinkles for a long span. 
Food items and Beverages 

There are some food items and drinks that can have a toll on your skin in the short or long term. You must be aware of the food items and alcoholic beverages that you might take in the future but you should avoid them to prevent your skin health. Avoid all kinds of salty food and alcoholic drinks. We all are aware of the fact that alcohol and salty food items are not great for our overall body health as well. This gives us a valid reason to avoid them. Alcohol contains such toxins that can make your skin complexion dull without you knowing that. Extra salt triggers a breakout.

Desire Luzinda

Be gentle to your Skin

You might be really careful towards your skincare but that does not suggest that what you are following as a daily skin regimen is healthy for your skin type. Your skin should not be treated with burning hot water. Especially your face and scalp must not come in contact with hot water. Your face contains oil that should not depart your skin. Hot water strips off the essential oil from your skin. 

Lukewarm Water

Use warm water whenever you are bathing and stop bathing for long hours because that is something not refreshing for your skin and has drawbacks. Hot water causes dandruff which can be really frustrating and can cause itching and facial diseases. Use natural products for bathing and washing your skin. The chemical friendly products reduce the probability of allergy. Choose organic cleansers and shaving products that do not provide bumps and ingrown hair. If you are further interested to learn how to avoid ingrown hairs then check out the razors that do not lead to razor bumps and you do not get any ingrown hair. There are such shaving kits that contain such good quality razors.

After Bathing Essentials

Do not be harsh while drying your skin after having a bath. Pat your dry skin with soft hands such that you are not rubbing the water off harshly and with patting your skin surface is able to absorb the moisture. Buy the moisturizer that is rich in SPF and natural extracts. Try to use the moisturizer on your face and body as soon as you get done with your bath.

Visit a Dermatologist

It is best to take the advice of a professional. Rather than our beauty salon, a dermatologist can look at your skin diseases better. You should visit a dermatologist at regular intervals because under his/her assistance you can keep a track of your skin health. There are many such diseases related to our skin that can stay for long and can give you an unnatural look. Avoid self-medication and do not undermine your skin impairments for long.

Last Few Words

Throughout we have paid emphasis on following a skin regimen that compliments your skin health. You can pay close attention to your habits that are a part of your daily routine and affect your skin. You can choose to sustain a beautiful connection between your mind and body with this rulebook in your actions.

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Exponential Growth of a Newly Rising Denomination ‘Shincheonji Church of Jesus’ in the Republic of Korea



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By Staff Writer

In just over a year, 103764, people graduated after completing a Bible study in Shincheonji…this is an unprecedented phenomenon that is taking place globally.  

Due of the corruption and the secularization of today’s religious world, a great number of people are coming to Shincheonji to study the Bible and to fill their spiritual needs. Although there is a decrease in the number of people who identify themselves with a religion worldwide, there also was a rare phenomenon of 103764 people streaming into a church called Shincheonji, church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (a newly rising denomination in the Republic of Korea) in a short time of a year.   

On November 10th 2019, Shincheonji held a graduation with 103764 graduates that completed a Bible study offered in Shincheonji. Shincheonji offers a free 6-month Bible study course that one must complete in order to be registered as a church member.    

The graduation took place in the province of Gyeonggi-do with a total of 101,286 people who passed their graduation exam after studying the Bible in its entirety. Approximately 50,000 were present in the audience and the graduation was broadcasted in other major cities of Korea. International graduates overseas also participated through live stream broadcast. 

Having 103764 graduates is equivalent to having 100 churches of 1,000 congregation members, which is greatly different from the drastic fall of the number of congregation members seen globally in the world of religion. Shincheonji is the only place in the world where 103764 people come after completing an in-depth Bible study.   

A survey conducted on the 103764, graduates showed that 41.7% were believers practicing their faith under pre-existing denominations such as Protestantism, Catholicism, and others. Additionally, the reason why they decided to go to Shincheonji was because of its “sublime teaching of the Word.” A graduate said, “In a traditional church, I was not able to fill my spiritual hunger; however, in Shincheonji I was able to fill it with the words of the Bible and understand a clear purpose of my life as a Christian,” and he continued on to say, “numerous people are leaving their churches due to the corruption and secularization that is prevalent in many churches today, but Shincheonji helps believers to have a logical and a clear understanding of what it means to be reborn with the Word. Therefore, I chose to go Shincheonji.”  

It is incredible to see a 103764, person graduation; however, what is more shocking is that Shincheonji – which is teaching the fulfillment of Revelation and has been growing at an incredibly rapid pace since 1984— is labeled as a “cult” by the Christian world of the Republic of Korea.  

To the major allegations made against Shincheonji such as “Shincheonji claims that the founder of Shincheonji is the One Who Overcomes,” and “Shincheonji hides their true identity when evangelizing and brainwashes the people with their teaching,” the graduates reported that those are all false accusations.   

A graduate stated, “For the past 6 months of Bible study, I saw if it’s true that Shincheonji makes people quit jobs, divorce, and leave their homes, and I realized that those were false rumors and far from the truth. I am thankful that I had a chance to study the Bible for the past 6 months and to see for myself that Shincheonji’s teaching of the Bible is biblical and logical.”

Another graduate stated that there are times when Shincheonji does not reveal their church when evangelizing; however, this is because traditional churches spread false rumors about Shincheonji that people do not want to study the life giving words of the Bible due to the fear of such accusations being true. The reason why evangelism is done in such way is to be fair and give a chance for everyone to judge using the standard of the words of the Bible.

The people of Christianity in the Republic of Korea responded to the rapid growth of Shincheonji by saying, “Everyone in the world of religion must repent for becoming entangled with the world, interfering with politics, and losing trust of believers. It seems that those who want to carry out a genuine life of faith wandered off and ended up in Shincheonji.” 

However, Shincheonji states that 95% of those who chose to come to Shincheonji (according to the survey done on graduates) is because of the excellent teaching of Bible. Shincheonji teaches the Bible in its entirety from the book of Genesis to Revelation in half a year, and the greatest difference between traditional churches and Shincheonji is the only place that teaches the fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation. 

The graduation will be the starting point of Shincheonji’s continuous growth. Because the 103764 graduates have fulfilled a 100% evangelism rate, there are currently there are 200,000 people (will change) that are studying the Bible in Shincheonji. If Shincheonji continues to grow at this pace, then within 3 years Shincheonji will reach a million congregation members, and the status quo of the religious world will change. 

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