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Hima Cement introduces new product on the market



Hima Cement has today introduced a new product on the market, the Supaset 32.5R.

Cement dealers in Kampala join a team from Hima Cement to officially unveil the new Supaset 32.5R at the company’s head offices on Monday.

By Our Reporter

Hima Cement has today introduced a new product on the market, the Supaset 32.5R. Launched under the tagline, ‘strength and speed in one bag,’ Supaset is consistent in quality and is fast setting. This new development comes to reinforce the company’s commitment to innovations that cater to the everyday needs of their customers.

“We are committed to developing and improving to provide high quality products that our customers can trust and rely on. Our products adhere to the stringent quality standards and undergo very strict testing procedures to ensure reliability.” Said Hima Cement Marketing Director Mr. Allan Ssemakula at the launch of Supaset 32.5R at the company head offices in Kampala.

“The Supaset 32.5R answers the question of aesthetics.  Many of our customers always prefer a dark finish, and we offer that with our new product,” he added. “The new brand also  sets much faster, rapidly gains strength and comes packaged in Kraft paper bag for less dust emission. “

SupaSet is suitable for high strength, medium and low strength concrete projects that include among others, flooring for both domestic and industrial purposes, making foundations, blocks and other everyday maintenance and renovation projects.

The new cement brand is already on the a market and is available at the leading hardware stores in the country.

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