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Hi skool kiromo rocks High Field ss as Navio, Banina, Zex Bilangilangi and Roma take on the teens



By ReporterThe new teen hype party rocked Nansana’s High Field Ss on Sunday. The day was full of energy with the energetic host MC Ollo of nbs youth voice show taking on the teens as they sang, mimed, modeled, danced and shook off in the kiromo dance party.

The day was also characterized by mental health talk from Dependable foundation as students opened up about their mental illness and got assistance on how to deal with it.

Hi skool kiromo stars and artists took of the entertainment performing and entertaining students with some of their big hits. Banina Chris of The Baninas was the first artist to arrive. He rocked with I do and munakyalo hit singles. These are indeed anthems that the teens sang along. That was not all, his perfect physique left the female students crying as he gave out some of his items.

Aroma followed on stage with her hit collaboration with the B2C soldier, Yoola. Students sang along and oh wow she couldn’t believe she’s a star this high. She performed along to her other songs that blew up in the entertainment.

Zex Bilangilangi is indeed the energy god. With his story inspiration, he is indeed an icon and role model as he encourages young people to stay in school and stay true to themselves. Zex performed his hit songs back to back with so much energy entertaining students. He pulled up a dance competition among the classes on his Nalinda hit single. The best dancer walked away with a cash prize.

The King of hip hop in east africa is Navio, over time proven. He is an energy king as he takes teens with energy to some classic tracks and latter the new school hit singles. Njogeleza is definitely the vibe and Rear is the lovers anthem. This leaves the students waiting for the finale sometime in April.

Hi Skool Kiromo is an Ollo experience high school turn up event aimed at empowering the teens through entertainment to stay true to their goals and combatting negative impacts of covid 19 on these school goers. The makers that include Ouma marketing agency believe that through this campaign, more students will get back to school.

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