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Here is how Ham of Ham towers made his money and became a billionaire.



hamBy BigEyeUg Team

The source of Hamis Kiggundu’s wealth has been revealed. The 31-year-old billionaire who owns Ham Towers opposite Makerere University main gate and now has a mega home at the shores of Lake Victoria started making money after his years at University.

News on our desk shows that the tycoon who was born in a family of 6 and later did a law degree at Makerere got his money from his rich family, invested it in business and became one of the richest men in town.

We have been told that in 2009, his father Hajji Ssegawa decided to give all his children capital to start their own businesses. The source says that the old man was forced to do this after his wife (Ham’s mother) suspected him of cheating on her and getting children outside wedlock. “She decided to act fast to make sure that her children have a share of the wealth legally before any other child could take what was duly theirs,” the source said.

At this point, a wise Ham was given one of the many buildings owned by the father. He decided to mortgage it and get some money from the bank which he used to buy off a better building next to Tourism hotel from one of his Hajji friends.

According to the source, Ham didn’t stop there, he then bought land next to Kampala mosque where he is currently constructing a mega complex. He then used his loan from the bank to buy land in Munyonyo which he quickly sold at a big profit and bought land next to Makerere University where he set up Ham Towers.

The astute businessman then turned to importing furniture from China and reselling it at great profits at his shops Riziq Home Mart and Ssegawa furniture shops. At the same time our source reveals that Ham was dealing in clothes imported from China and Dubai with over 12 shops in Kampala dealing in the same.

His current businesses include; Ham and brothers shops, Ham Fashions, Lora bags, A and Babies, Rafiq Home mart, Ham Towers, Pearl apartments in Bunga. Hannah Mixed, Ham shopping centre (down town Kampala), several plots of land in Ntinda and other parts of the city.

We hope this inspires you to work hard and become like or even better than Ham one day.

We will keep you posted.

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