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Haruna Mubiru trashes Bryan White, showers SK Mbuga with praises



By Staff Writer

Long lost musician Haruna Mubiru is back. The singer has releases a song praising Sk Mbuga for the good things he does and then he commented on the way Bryan White splashes money saying that he is a mere show off.

In the song, Haruna says that SK Mbuga is a good man with a pure soul who gives to help Allahs people and never shows off.

The song comes ahead of Mbuga’s return who was jailed in Dubai following an international scam that involved the tycoon himself and his wife Vivvianne. The two were accused of fleecing a senior citizen in Sweden of a large sum of money amounting to 23 billion shillings.

Word has it that Sk Mbuga who recently bought a brand new ride and had it sent to Uganda despite being held in Prison has given Haruna 10,000 dollars for the song. ‘I sang the song, someone sent it to him and he decided to give me the money. He is a good man.’

Speaking about the two tycoons, Haruna said that Mbuga is a good man. He builds mosques and hospitals but never shows off before the media for all to see.

Haruna went on to say that Bryan White is a show off who will want photo evidence for every shilling he gives away.

‘I am not attacking Bryan White but I don’t feel what he is doing. He needs to put the money to better use and developmental things and stop showing off. If you get money, go to Mityana and buy large pieces of land. I am against people who get money and splash it in public. It is not good at all. People have money but they don’t splash it. Someone can call me and say Hajji here is 30 million shillings to invest in your music,’ he said.

Bryan White has not yet responded to Hajji Haruna Mubiru.

We will keep you posted.

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