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Happy Birthday Prince: I Just Found Out About Prince In Death, I am Glad I Did




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By Ian Ortega

I didn’t know Prince the music artiste, but discovering him in death has been like landing on gold. I have fallen in love with the many things that made Prince, Prince. His music, his ways of life. He was an embodiment of creativity that expresses itself in human form for all to see, touch and experience regardless of their walks of life.

I also fell in love with those words of his; “a strong spirit transcends rules.” It was as though Prince was the one who wrote the rules to life and music. And then went ahead to break them as he pleased. I have watched some of his performances and I found his energy reaching another realm.

I always separate an artist from their art, but reading about Prince, watching those rare videos of him, listening to his top songs, learning about the many charitable acts that he supported anonymously, I realized, that for the first time, the art and the artiste were one.

Steve Jobs as a person brought me to that oneness of the art and the artiste, but Prince has been a re-affirmation. So, for me, Prince has just started to live.

Perhaps as they say, the teacher only appears when the student is ready. I can’t define Prince. He’s too large to be defined. Definitions tend to place limits, I found Prince limitless, a super drug.

Yes, I was totally ignorant about Prince but checking him out has been a joyous journey into the rabbit hole, hoping there’s no end.

Who was Prince? Prince was Prince. No sound, No definition. Just Prince. I won’t say RIP, I will say Happy Birthday.

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