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Guys who have chics who are too good for them



By Ian Nkera Ford

I am one of the guys who will watch at a distance with envy when a guy has this very fine damsel by his side. I stupidly get lost in thought, get soaked in my drool and hopelessly marvel at the girl in sight and imagine a miracle of myself being in this random guy’s shoes. Of course nothing ever comes out of my fantasies. I remain the same old luckless bastard who could never earn a date with the most facially deprived girl in the city. It is that bad.

However, there are some guys who come off as ordinary but date some of the most stunning women in our realm. You know the guys that are just….”there there.” You will normally hear people echo in unison; “oba what did she see in that guy.” You see them together and in an instant your attention is driven to the lady. At that moment, the guy doesn’t even exist. No one gives a hoot for all they care as the lady embraces the limelight while her significant other revels in oblivion.

Many of these couples live amongst us and these are some of them:

Ronnie Mulindwa and Sharon O

Ronnie, the CEO of the now defunct Obsessions is one lucky guy or so we thought. A simple curly haired guy back then who managed to corner a naïve multi racial girl in the name of Sharon Salmon and make her his longtime girlfriend. Their relationship has a child to show for it and though it was briefly shaken by a sangoma, Ronnie somehow comes out on top. But admittedly, we think Ronnie is one lucky guy to still have Sharon by his side. No one would ever pit the two together in their wildest dreams.

Sharon O

Michael Kassaija and Natasha Sinayobye

The power couple of dance have been through it all and while Michael isn’t exactly your ordinary guy, the fact that he has to wake up to Natasha’s face is a milestone. You look at Natasha and you wonder how she ended up with a guy like him. Did I mention they have been dating for over 10 years and have a son that completes their love nest? Lucky guy, that one. He has one of the most stunning women to call his own.

Bebe Cool and Zuena

What a beautiful musoga lady could see in a dreadlocked struggling musician at the time, we shall never know. Was it for the thrill that comes with dating bad boys? I can only imagine the look on Zuena’s father when she introduced the love of her life Bebe Cool. It must have been priceless. The former Miss Uganda contestant still leaves many men weak in the knees but has chosen to stand by the erratic singer and they have gone on to have three children together. Bebe Cool deep down knows he is one lucky guy.

Bebe cool n Zuena

H.E. Bobi Wine and Barbie Itungo

Bobi Wine has a Reverend for a father in law. Doesn’t that sound really crazy? What would a well-bred church girl see in a cannabis addict? Well, she fell so hard that she followed him to the altar and they have three kids together. The ghetto lord knows he is the luckiest dude walking the earth.


So there you have it. Some really lucky dudes right there.


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