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Guvnor DJs reject Jeff’s offer not to play Radio and Weasel’s songs.



Radio & Weasel

Radio & Weasel

By Isaac Mites

Current gossip on our desks is that Jeff has resorted to ganging up with several deejays to suppress the sweet sensational music of the finest duo, Radio and Weasel. This comes after the GoodLyfe crew members Radio and Weasel fired their manager Jeff Kiwa over irreconcilable differences.

According to reports, Jeff has been running around throwing 20K notes in several Dj’s pockets bribing them not to play Radio and Weasel’s songs in clubs. However, it was a bad moment for him when he tried Guvnor Djs and he almost earned some slaps. They turned down his offer and even disclosed his dirty secrets.

It’s been revealed that industrial based Club Silk Djs Heart, Bobby and Ivan are some of the deejays that have been pocketing the 20K for every single day they are on turn tables. That’s every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday which makes them bag 80K each week from Jeff not to play Radio and Weasel’s music.

But surprisingly when he approached the Guvnor boys, they told him not to waste his time ever going back to make silly offers. We hear Jeff came out running with his tail between his legs.

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