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Goodlyfe, Radio’s Brother Frank Clash Over Left Songs



 By Demo Riley

There’s a fresh rift brewing between the members of Goodlyfe and a one Frank, a brother to the late Mozey Radio. Initially, it all cropped from the properties and now slews to over 100 songs the late left behind.

Recently we’ve had  a couple of great pieces by the late Mozey Radio being released and thought perhaps the management had reached a consensus on how to how and when to release some of these songs, but surprisingly when contacted Chagga, he unmasked that as Goodlyfe they haven’t released any songs yet but it’s actually Frank who’s doing so and doing it unprofessionally.

Mowzey radio

It’s believed that Frank remained with the late’s phone which has lots of demos the legendary singer had saved. Although pundits reckon that the way the songs are released is utterly not strategic thus unprofessional fact that it’s not given enough time, however the relationship between Frank and the Goodlyfe members still remains in balance.

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