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GNL Zamba Celebrates Expectant Wifey’s Birthday



By Staff Writer

Birthdays carry so much significance that is why celebrities are always celebrating their loved ones on such big days. Today, Gnl Zamba celebrates his wife Miriam Tamar’s birthday with many emotions.

Through an Instagram post, he expressed how much he loves her and stated the tremendous work she has been apart of to help people living in remote areas including her abandoning a comfortable life to work in a refuge camp.

“You abandoned a comfortable life to work in a refuge camp, you partnered with the local community to help rebuild after a war, you fel in love with Gulu, Acholi food, and made Uganda home…” Gnl wrote.

On the same post, the rapper revealed more exciting news about how his wife Miriam is expecting a set of twins.

The founder Boboon Forest Entertainment relocated to USA to chase bigger dreams with Miriam, whom he had been dating for a while. Their romance first gave birth to a music duo, in song ‘Nsimbi’ and later a marriage in 2018.

Happy birthday to the beautiful Miriam Tamar

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