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GNL Zamba back in new Band, Nsimbi Music



By Staff Writer

GNL Zamba is back, this time in a band following a long period of silence musically since he went to the USA with his girlfriend Miriam Tamar.

The two have formed a new band called Nsimbi comprising of only themselves as far as we know now. The Ugandan-American world fusion duo is set for big things with an Album already done and ready for release.

GNL who has things going for him recently participated in the Who is Who rappers battle. He has also managed to get himself some Hollywood gigs.

GNL Zamba, born Ernest Nsimbi, is a popular and influential hip hop artiste, credited with bringing rap and Lugaflow style of music to mainstream radio and other media in Uganda. His stage name, GNL, is short for “Greatness No Limits

We will keep you posted.

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