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Gift Ov Kaddo on why he has always snubbed media interviews



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By BigEyeUg Team

Ugandan longtime R&B pop star, Gift Ov Kaddo has opened up on his rare media appearances.

The CEO Kaddo Farm who has been off the music scene for close to 10years now says that he hates making radio and TV presenters uncomfortable with his routine calls for a hand in his music.

Sometimes am sorry for the media that I stopped showing up coz sometimes am this person who believes in myself even if there is any situation that is trying o gun me down, I can fight it and pass through. So am like maybe am disturbing these guys. I used to call presenters sometimes to ask them to play my songs and I realized that I was instead exhausting them,” stated Gift Ov Kaddo during his appearance on NBS TV.

The famous ‘Traffic man Officer’ singer also notes that he would never struggle to compete for space with the current generation of artists whom he adds that they fall below his belt.

The media betrayed me before. If you listen to a song like Driver and its still playing now and compare it to the trash of nowadays, 10-year-old Traffic man song is still hitting. I then get shocked when the media wants me to join the current ruckus,” Gift Ov Kaddo added.

Upon his music career dulling, it’s understandable that Gift Ov Kaddo embarked on the Tours and Travel business for survival.

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