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Geosteady Packs the first Unplugged Sn 2 show of 2018 at Liquid Silk Naalya.



Last night the maiden Unplugged Sn 2 of 2018 show went down at Liquid Silk Naalya. The club was packed, the mood was still festive and Geosteady, the star of the night officially opened 2018 with a massive live performance.

As revelers were settling into the Naalya-based bar, Geosteady’s Blackman band started off with some calm ballads to warm up the crowd and pave way for the man himself.

When he eventually made it on stage, the crowd couldn’t hide its excitement for the “Owooma” star. What was meant to be a straight up two-hour performance stretched into the wee hours of the morning with revelers begging, pleading and paying for more songs and outright refusing to leave the club. You couldn’t blame them for this.

Geosteady is not just a talented recording artist. His vocal delivery, especially alongside a live band is something that many Ugandan artists will continue to only dream and wish for.

It is no wonder that the star who has done songs like “Tokendeza”, “Owooma”, “Same Way” has been propelled into the small and exclusive club of Uganda’s A-list artists in no time. If you missed watching Geosteady, then make sure you don’t miss the second Unplugged Sn 2 session next week. Ykee Benda, commonly referred to as the Kireka Boy, will be Unplugged.

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