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Geosteady: I have been denied access to my kids for 3years now



By BigEyeUg Team

One of the famous quotes about kids goes, “After having children, life becomes about living beyond yourself; about being bigger and better.”

However, Ugandan male vocal king George Kigozi famously known by stage names Geosteady is missing out all such previledges despite fathering two kids.

This is after now ex-fiancée Prima Kardashi allegedly blocked him from accessing his children; Soraya and Solange.

Appearing on a local radio station, the “Nemala” singer revealed that he last mingled Soraya and Solange in December 2020.

I will think they are fine. I don’t see them, I think I last saw them in December 2020,” Geosteady said live on Galaxy FM.

The St. George Foundation CEO also cited his frustration and embarrassment in his coparenting with baby mama Prima.

Geosteady says ex-lover Prima has always lied to the public and media that our coparenting is good but its instead a dispute.

People just talk too much when they come out in public. I wish we act what we preach. People will tell you something different from what is in reality. There’s a lot of chaos in that,” he added.

However, he asserted that he already gave up for the best of his life and believes he will see them when the right time arrives.

That’s why I decided to let GO. Time will come the kids will come. So long as am still working towards my goal of becoming a rich dad.

Prior to their breakup in 2020, Geosteady and Prima’s romantic bond was highly rated in the country.

The two often conceded a number of misunderstandings throughout their 8years journey but stuck together not until the fateful season when they no longer could hold it.

Prima has since moved on with Galaxy FM presenter, Mr. Henrie.

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