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Generous Nigerian Tycoon to bless Ugandan music



By Reporter

With Ugandan music growing day in day out, it has gotten to the ears and eyes of many but from close sources, it has also reach Nigerian Engineer and Businessman Tunde Faluyi god. According to sources, Eng Tunde is known as one of the Nigerian blessers when it comes to supporting entertainment. The music industry in Nigeria has gone places because of generous people like Eng Tunde.

Tunde who is throwing one of what is said to be the biggest birthday parties this Saturday in Nigeria is said to have gotten plans of coming to Uganda this year but they have just been put on hold because of lockdown and close of Airports. According to Aaron Vibes who is Ugandan music promoter and also Eng Tunde Ugandan handler, Eng Tunde is a big fan of African music and besides helping Nigerian music, he is willing to help Africa as a whole and his plan was to start with Uganda but cut short because of Covid.

Eng Tunde’s input in the Nigerian music has earned him recognition and last year during the BAE Awards in Nigeria, he was added the Entertainment Man of the Year.

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