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Game changer: Abryanz pins birthday posters in city centre ahead of mega birthday



By Reporter

With everyday celebrity inventions in Kampala, fashion expert Abryans will go down in history for being the first Ugandan celebraty to pin birthday billboards in the city centre ahead of his big day.

In what he stated in his statement, the billboards where gifted to him by the CEO of MD branding Ltd. The billboards have been spread across Kampala surburbs starting with Kabalagala and Nakawa.

Abryanz celebrates his birthday on 6 days on 1st November a date he will also mark 10 years in the fashion business.

Abryanz stated “It’s six days to 1st November my Birthday. And it’s a special day to me because this year marked 10years since I joined the fashion industry and business where I have achieved highly thanks to God. One of my top fans, friend and client gifted me with a Billboard because I personally inspired, motivated him through his journey to success.

Thank you Owere Joshua Marketing Director MD branding Ltd. This means alot to me. Abryanz to the World.”

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