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G.N.L Zamba, Gravity Omutujju feud escalates



By BigEyeUg Team


Lugaflow rappers, Gravity Omutujju and G.N.L Zamba are locked in a bitter feud.

It all started after Gravity Omutujju, in a local TV interview, revealed that he has never been inspired by GNL Zamba, like most of his peers.

Gravity added that he solely believed in himself and this has lifted him to tremendous achievements in the music industry.

Gravity Omutujju

This did not please GNL Zamba.

The ‘Koi Koi’ hitmaker immediately rushed to his social media to express his displeasure with Gravity’s sentiments.

He claimed to have bridged the gap between the young and old crowds in Hiphop with his songs like ‘Ani Yali Amanyi’, which inspired many young rappers to join the Hiphop game.

Inspirational lesson: When I wrote Ani Yali Amanyi verses and sampled the Ugandan legend Elly Wamala to bridge the gap of old and young crowds in Hiphop. It brought success and introduced Hiphop to more masses,” stated Zamba.

GNL further stung Gravity Omutujju saying he tried to copy his success formulae.

4 years after I had showed that the formulae worked, EMPTY TIN also got inspired and made Walumbe Zaya sampling Job Kafeero! I was inspired by Elly, and I give credit. Does Empty tin give credit to anyone that is why ka industry Kaffe tekakula.

Ekko kumitima jabantu abamu!!!! Not letting success build upon success and respect but bickering being small minded!!!” he added.

On learning about Zamba’s words, Gravity also went to social media and hit back.

G.N.L Zamba

He blasted Zamba saying he was out of his mind due to drug influence.

Ssebbo Nsimbi: I heard u say. when u sampled Elly wamala’s (R.I.P) ani yali amannyi? U credited him on the song and when I sampled Paul Kafero’s R.I.P) WALUMBE ZAYA (a classic) I never credited him, were u sober posting this? is it fear that takes over u whenever u listen to the masterpiece or is it the smoke effect that turns you deaf so u don’t hear ma credits? ?? That’s why I don’t smoke nor booze so to keep my mind sober n fresh like a newborn and put my ear on da ground,” Gravity stated.

Gravity further advised him to stop using intoxicants.

First take cigarettes off yo ears ssebo (I hear its a habbit) if u were looking for relevancy you could have called me nenkuwa plan,” Gravity added.

The ‘Bitandise’ singer further revealed how GNL’s generation of fans is now mature with enough worries on how to survive amdist the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown after losing their jobs.

Even the generation yo used to sing for are now grown n busy in worries of their dieing businesses that the government closed during the pandemic. Mr try some other business if u had marital misunderstandings with yo HUSBAND. (go to court and get yo share) but musically you need to consultant me.

GNL Zamba,  born Ernest Nsimbi, began his professional music career in 2007, after completing a bachelor’s degree in environmental science at Makerere University.

He has enjoyed an illustrious music career, scooping numerous music award nominations and accolades with several hit songs to his name like; Koi Koi, Kikankane, Sesetula, Soda, and many more. He is credited for popularizing ‘Luga-flow’ rap.

On the other hand, Gravity Omutujju has also had a successful music career. He has several hit songs to his name, held multiple sold out concerts and earned several music accolades.

The ‘Trouble Entertainment’ head has also inspired many young artistes.

We will keep you posted.

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