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“Full Figure Was My House Girl,” Catherine Kusasira reveals



By Staff Writer

Catherine Kusasira is not happy with the insults she has received from Full Figure.

In the past weeks, Full Figure pointed out that Kusasira was one of the women that were not sweet in bed. In her assertion, it was impossible for any man to enjoy Kusasira and her size in bed.

However, Kusasira says enough is enough. “I will be the last person Full Figure insults. I have opened a case and she will be arrested soon,” Kusasira says.

“Imagine my older children called me crying. One even called Full Figure to apologize on my behalf. But she can’t stop her bad manners,”Kusasira narrates.

Kusasira also revealed that she is the one who brought Full Figure from the village and took her into her household as a maid. “I am the one who seconded her in Eagles production. When everyone doubted her musical skills, I was there to chip in for her. And this is how she is repaying me,” Kusasira cried out.

Kusasira says now it is time for one of them to go back to the village. “It is either I win, or she loses. I will fight this battle to the very end. Full Figure must be punished,” Kusasira promised.

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