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Fresh Kid’s USA Tour Cancelled as promoter can’t afford ticket for Singer’s father



Fresh reports coming in indicates how young rapper Fresh Kid is currently shading tears after his USA Music tour being cancelled because his father Paul Mutabaazi who insisted on going with him.

According to his mother Madrine Namata, Fresh Kid was supposed to travel to USA for a music tour on 6th July but this has been cancelled only because Paul Mutabaazi insisted that he also wants a Visa and Ticket to travel with his son.

“That man is too much, he is killing all my son’s blessings, he has insisted on traveling to USA with him and now the promoter has cancelled the show. No one like that man but all he does is kill my kid’s future and now i don’t know what to do for him. He is too much, i need help.” Fresh Kid UG’s mother cried out.

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