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Friday Night Lights continues to impress with amazing performances and spectacular talent display




By Edwin Junior

Friday Night lights continued to impress on its second day of the tournament. It was all fun and games literally, as revelers flocked YMCA, Wandegeya last Friday evening in hordes to witness a showcase of some of Uganda’s finest basketball talent. As usual, gates opened as early as 6PM as the early birds made their way to the YMCA court.

The evening was marked by a lot of merriment with a steady flow of booze and muchomo as the crowd was continuously entertained on court by the spectacular display of skill; from dunks, to crossovers and buzzer beaters, the crowd was sure kept on the edge of their seats. The evening was made even more colourful, to the delight of the crowd, with an interlude of performances from local artistes and several challenges.

To grace the evening was singer Jackie Chandiru who put up an energetic performance that had the crowd ululating and singing along to her music. Not to be out done, Rabadaba who is still trying to recapture his fan base also put up an equally good performance engaging with the crowd as he delivered his music.

The evening was further spiced up with a couple giveaways including hard cash and much more, earned through several challenges like shoot for cash that went on during the course of the evening.

Here are some photos:


fnl 8


jackie chandiru 2

rabadaba 1



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