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FLOPS! Top Five Ugandan Musicians who sucked in 2015



By BigEyeUg Team

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All men are equal, but some are more equal than others. This adage is particularly true in the Ugandan music industry where some artistes just soar flawlessly while others just can’t move up the ladder no matter their efforts. 2015 was a great year full of opportunities in the music industry but these five artistes were just not up to the task. Presenting the top five flops of 2015 in the Ugandan music industry.

1. Yung Mulo

Yung Mulo 2

This one has been on ‘life support’ for a long time and 2015 was his final ‘resting year’ musically. When he left Leone Island last year, one could see that this was the beginning of his end. This year, he hasn’t done any trending song apart from his attempt to remix his own song, Gyal Formula which didn’t go down well with fans either. The song faded just after two months of its release. Yung Mulo’s music needs a new lease on life in 2016 or he will forever be forgotten as an artiste.

2. GNL Zamba

GNL Zamba 1

The fire was just too much for this one. We know he will write a long post defending his success this year but heck, we know the truth. He jumped out of the pan into the fire when he went to the USA thinking that he would use Hollywood to revive his dwindling career to no success. He has now spent several months in California without any good music apart from Instagram posts in the park, zoo, and bar and on set. We just pray he doesn’t end up on the list of flopped Ugandan movie actors in 2016 since he has abandoned music for movies.

3. Don MC

Don MC

First of all, Don, cut off that pony tail, it could be behind all his bad luck musically this year. Don has not done anything outstanding this year in the music arena. He even attempted to revive Rabadaba a year ago and it seems Rabadaba did a good job luring him into the pit of eternal musical death. The Oli Mbuzi singer has been more of a musical goat this year with no catchy project ever since his Am Loving remix with A Pass last year. He sure has been one of the big flops this year.

4. Keko


Rapper Keko has had a bad year musically and in her life generally. The artiste who hopes to revive her career during the festive season with a new release has done nothing developmental musically through 2015. She blew her only chance to shine this year at Coke Studio Africa when she was announced to be in an alleged insane state. She spent the most of this year fighting to overcome her drug addiction in rehab. One can only hope that the ‘Make you dance’ singer can make us dance again in 2016.

5. Jackie Chandiru

Jackie Chandiru 3

If marriage was what Jackie Chandiru was looking for all her life, then this was the year for her. After her wedding to Dutch husband Nol Van Vliet, she went silent. No sweet music has left the ‘Agaasi’ singer’s music chamber since. Of course fans are very disappointed with her and saw to it that she made it to the top music flops of 2015.

We will keep you posted.

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