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womanBy Sam Ugandan

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5. Eye brows; women have a tendency of cutting off the eye brows and drawing it back using a pencil, please stop this because you end up looking like a ghost!

4. Insecurity; there is nothing more annoying than dating someone who is insecure because if you decide to love someone then you should decide to trust them as well, it’s impossible for a man to always be around you as if he is your g-string, give him some breathing space!

3. Falling for bad boys and leaving good guys as friends; women tend to ignore good guys who have serious plans and go for bad boys who keep hurting and re-hurting them, this brings back the question of the decade “Do women know what they want?? (l doubt)

2. Blaming other men; if you were hurt by someone else it doesn’t mean that every other man is a dog, it’s that very man to blame not me, it’s true that men are all the same because we are all called men but each of us is unique in his or her own way, and if all men are the same then why did your mum decide to date your dad??

1. Keeping the sauce for too long; it’s good to play hard to get but not for too long because you very well know that if you keep sauce for long it will get spoiled, what differentiates a lady from a woman is knowing when to stop playing hard to get, because if you play hard to get until you are like 35 years while you keep serving the sauce to every tom, dick and harry it will no longer be tight and fresh like those ones younger than you and no one will want to marry you because your sauce is now second hand


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