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Finally, Technology And Smartphones Can Deliver Food



hellofood app

For so long most of the skeptics said that they would not believe in technology or smartphones until it/they could deliver food, that time has now been with us for a while through Hellofood and Ugandans have embraced the convenience of online food ordering and the increased internet penetration has helped a great deal in this technological advancement benefit.

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How Hellofood works?

Hellofood is the leading online marketplace for food ordering, and it offers the convenience to order food online from more than 170 of the best restaurants in Kampala and Entebbe. Customers can either place their orders through the website or the Hellofood app which is free on Android, windows and IOS.

Benefit to the Customers

The customers can choose their favorite restaurant on the platform and select their desired meal of choice from the restaurant’s menu and the order is automatically transmitted to the restaurant for preparation and delivery. The price one pays on Hellofood is same as in the restaurant, except for a small delivery fee based on distance from restaurant –since Hellofood uses a professional fleet of delivery drivers to pick and deliver the meals to the customer’s doorstep.

Customers pay for the meal through cash on delivery or MTN mobile money online, meaning one can even order a meal for another person. The Customers also enjoy many deals on meals that they can only get on the Hellofood platform, such as buy one get one free and also food coupons which discount meals for the customers. Hellofood further helps users to select from hundreds of restaurants through customer reviews displayed on the platform.


Hellofood is transforming the eating habits of people in Kampala and Entebbe. The platform, which started with only a couple of restaurants, has successfully managed to overcome skepticism and It has secured in just two years, partnerships with more than 170 food outlets among the finest in the country.

These partner restaurants earn a lot of revenue from the business they tap into from the orders they get from hellofood and not only their walk in clients. These partnerships have allowed Hellofood to have an exceptional and unparalleled culinary diversity, accessible in a few clicks, in two cities with more than 5 million inhabitants combined. Restaurants also benefit from the reviews on the platform, which mean that if they provide the best culinary experience then many people will get to know and also want to try out their food and service hence more sales and revenue.

In fact today, Hellofood, can proclaim itself as the food delivery service, offering the most comprehensive and virtually unlimited menu. Through its mobile application and website, Hellofood take every day visitors into a gastronomic tour around the world through the many Restaurants, cafés, bistros, fast foods, bakeries, ice-cream parlors and tea-rooms, etc. every delight the cities have to offer are on Hellofood. The platform offers no less than 170 restaurants to order African cuisine, Asian dishes, establishments with a European menu, American menus, pizza places, which was the most ordered dish last year on Hellofood.


Hellofood has obviously created employment for the delivery drivers, Customer service team, direct sales team, persons involved in the marketing operations, and management of the company and of course the increased staff at the restaurants as a result of the increased business, plus the taxes the company pays.

Hellofood now dominates the online industry in line with the rapid penetration of Internet and the progressive adoption of electronic commerce. But more importantly, Hellofood through its mastery of the art of marketing and delivery has put aspects like delivery down to a minute by minute science as they have broken down every step of your food’s journey to perfect science so that all you have to do is go about your daily business and have your meals delivered in a timely manner and now the culinary scene and food ordering in Uganda have changed for the better.

This should make it clear that Hellofood is NOT a restaurant, and for easy understanding — it is an ordering platform for every one’s favorite restaurant.

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MTN Uganda Internship program 2019 now open



MTN Uganda is one of the leading employers in the country. As is their norm every year, they hire interns from different Universities across the country in the different disciplines to get skilled up on the job.

This year is no different and the program is now open for those who qualify. According to their website, MTN home to exciting, inspirational, innovative people in the Telecommunications industry who passionately and selflessly work to make our customer’s lives a whole lot BRIGHTER.

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Thier values are brought to life by their guiding purpose-To Lead the Delivery of a BOLD New Digital World.

How to take part in the program this year.

If you are you in your 1st or 2nd year and looking for internship? MTN PULSE Undergraduate internship programme that will run from 1st June to 31st August 2019 is just the one for you.

Placements available in the following divisions: Finance, Sales & Distribution, Mobile Financial Services, Human Resources, Enterprise Business, Network Group, IT, Corporate Services & Legal, Capital Projects Group, Marketing etc.

To apply, please follow the link below

Attach the following;

  • Your University faculty introductory letter
  • A copy of your results (testimonial)
  • A copy of your University ID

Applications are open till 30th April 2019

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The Ultimate Guide to Your Prom Night



By Staff Writer

Prom night is the biggest night for any high school student. It’s one for the books and nothing can go wrong. From selecting the best outfit from many prom dresses or tuxedos to your date, this day carries many memories you’ll remember for life.

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However, with so much to think about and plan for, many students end up ruining this day because they didn’t have a solid plan. No worries though. If you have a fast approaching prom night, this guide will offer you the tips to plan for your big day.

  1. Have a Budget

Prom is a big night and everyone wants to look good, but do you know what you’ll spend on? Chances are you’re too excited with a lot of ideas crossing your head you don’t know what to choose. This is why you must have a budget to list down all your expenses.

Afterward, you can find out what each will cost and whether it’s necessary. For example, take a look at the basics:

  • Your Outfit – This is the most important item for your big day. For the ladies, you may want to pick from amongcheap prom dresses but still maintain a stylish and modern look. For the gents, a flashy tuxedo will do. As you go shopping, have a budget to help you stay on track.
  • Makeup – It doesn’t whether you’ll do the makeup yourself or have a professional do it, a budget is important to avoid overspending.
  • Nails – Pedicure or manicure, including these and other related costs in your budget.
  • Jewelry and accessories – You need to accessorize your outfit with jewelry and other accessories, but don’t hurt your pocket trying to look good.
  • Prom tickets – Many students forget about the tickets since they’re immersed in their outfit choice and other look-good factors.
  • Dinner – Prom tickets differ depending on how much you can afford. Some come with dinner included while others don’t. If your ticket doesn’t include dinner, your prom group should identify a dining location, but make sure you can afford the place.
  • Transportation –Having a prom group allows you to contribute to transportation costs. This will save the entire group of money compared to if everyone paid for their own transport. Besides, where’s the fun riding alone to a big night such as prom night?
  • Boutonniere or Corsage for your date – This long-standing tradition carries from one generation to the next. Don’t forget about it.
  • Photos – What’s a prom night without photos to mark the memories made? However, if you’ll hire a professional photographer for this job, consider the costs.
  • Have a Prom Group

This group consists of your friends and it’ll help all of you overcome difficulties associated with planning for a prom night such as transportation, dining and timekeeping. You can create a Facebook group where the entire squad can communicate. This way everyone will be in synchrony.

  • Synchronize with Your Date

You don’t want last minute rushes neither do you want arguments on the big day. To avoid this, start planning for the prom night with your date and agree on certain basics including transportation, your outfits, boutonnieres/corsages so you appear as one during the night.

  • Make Necessary Appointments in Advance

This includes beauty treatments, booking your transportation and dinner. Making reservations and bookings in advance saves you money and time while avoiding disappointments.

Therefore, do this a month before the big day because chances are during prom season, many high schools may have same day prom nights. Furthermore, some services may book fast during this season.

  • Get Your Parents Onboard

Just like you, your parents have been waiting for this day and it’s normal for them to want in on the action even if it’s just a photo session. Thus, loop them in on your plans and you won’t regret it. Besides, you don’t want them blowing up your phone trying to find out where you are.

  • Enjoy Yourself

This is your big night. One which you won’t get to experience again. Therefore, enjoy the night to the fullest and don’t let small issues bug you. Before you freak out, ask yourself whether it’s worth your fun. These small issues will only affect you if you let them.

If you’re reading this it means you have all the tips required to prepare for your big day. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean everything will go as planned. For this reason, it’s crucial to have a backup plan for everything. This way your prom night will go on smooth.

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Is Mogas Naalya hiding something?



Not many entrepreneurs take lightly, the reality of a business closure. Often times, it takes time to sink in. And this could quite easily be the case with Mogas Petrol Station. After news made rounds about the sell of their Naalya premises to food chain franchise and petrol station, Café Javas and City Oil, owned by tycoon Mandella, their public relations department was quick to dismiss the news as a rumor.

The posted a press release rubbishing the news of the closure.

According to reliable sources in the City Oil managerial outfit however, the premises of Mogas were indeed purchased.

“They must be protecting something. Or maybe they are simply finding it hard to accept reality. But the news is true, and they sold,” explained our source.

He further added that in a very short time, when the developments start, the truth will be shoved ashore, and their attempts to hide whatever it is their hiding will be rendered null.

We hope that whatever it is, it’s settled amicably between the parties involved.

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