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FINALLY: Bad Black has received her money



By Staff Writer

City Socialite Bad Black has finally received her money. The motormouthed mother of 3 who took part in a campaign to sensitize girls about the dangers of coronavirus has been paid today.

Black who for weeks has been making noise for whoever cares to here confirmed to us today that she has her money and is happy.

Bad Black

It all started when she shot the ad under Precision Media and later demanded 500 million yet there was no paperwork signed for this. The ministry who were the client for this said that there was no arrangement for Black to be paid and so did the agency called Precision Media.

Black went haywire on the internet, saying that she had been used and now the owners of the ad were claiming that this was her voluntary contribution to the fight against COVID19.

Yesterday, after so much noise had been made, NRM Mobilizer and Radio 4 owner, Promoter Balaam gave her an audience together with her lawyers. An agreement was signed and Black would receive her money today.

Today, the undisclosed sum of money which was packed in hard cash in a boz was handed over to the city socialite who seemed very happy to receive her money.

Black on receiving the money and signing for it said that; “I am signing for my money. I have received the money after 2 weeks. The supporters of NRM worked together to make sure I got my payment. I don’t have any shilling am demanding now. I will not cause any fracas anymore. We have made an agreement and I have been paid. I have nothing bad to say about president Museveni. I have the money now and it is very heavy. I got cash, not cheque, I always want my money in cash. Thank you very much.”

Congrats Bad Black.

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