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Fefe Busi Attacks Sheila Gashumba In A New Song



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By Demo Riley

The hip hop beef between the smallest rapper Fefe Busi and Fik Famaica has taken a new twist.

As we all get a grip of the rumor that stunning TV star Sheila Gashumba is dating the fast rising rapper Fik Famaika, something new has come up.

Fefe Busi seems to have added salt to the wound after he recently hit the studio and recorded “Bad Segu” a song believed to be a direct diss track for Sheila Gashumba who’s apparently rumored to be Fik’s ‘property’.

In the song, Fefe venomously belittles Sheila as he goes on to describe a nasty yet young instagram girl who’s always up for whoever is on top of the entertainment scene, doesn’t protect her self and lives a lavish life.

Moles have it on good authority that when the song landed in Frank Gashumba’s ears, he immediately called Fefe Busi’s manager a one Arafat and warned him and together with his rapper to halt singing about his daughter.

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