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Fans urge Jackie Chandiru to join the gospel music industry



By Staff Writer

Revived music star, Jackie Chandiru, has been asked by fans to join the gospel music industry.

This happened in Gulu when the queen of the Nile was entertaining fans at an event at Bomah Hotel.

In the middle of her performance, the since paused and asked for feedback. She said; “Guys how am I now? What do you want me to sing for you? Are yoyi enjoying the music?”

Several fans gave thier feedback as she passed on the mic. One fan got a hold of the Mic and asked; “You have been through a lot but somehow you are back in the game. Do you have any plans of turning to God and doing Gospel music strictly?”

Jackie was quick to respond and say that she has always been a church gal and that she always move with God in whatever she is doing.

“I gave my life to Christ.” She said attracting an applause. “I do everything with God’s blessing and I sing for him.”

At this point the singer sampled fans with an acapella of a gospel song she loves very much leaving them amazed.

Jackie, who has had a long past with drugs was off the music scene for years as she went through rehab. She returned recently and is reconnecting with fans.

We will keep you updated.

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