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Fans React To ZARI’s Sex Tape: “It’s as Dry As Kalahari Desert With BushMen”




By Our Reporter

In the aftermath of watching Zari’s sex tape, thousands of fans have come out to express their dissatisfaction. Some of the fans are calling for the arrest of Zari on charges of attempted murder, while others want her to bring back their 11 mbs which they wasted on downloading the sex video.

Here are some of the thoughts from various fans;

1. Nimusiima Edward

Zari, dear, that’s not a f—ing sextape. Stop fooling us. Do something. Ask around. Do research. Then go back to the drawing board and come up with a real frigging sextape, not a f—ing sitcom, or what was that? And thereafter, send us MBs.

2. James Onen

Okay seen the video. Its Zari, alright. They appear to be having Skype Sex, and the dude was filming what was showing on the computer screen on his end. She was using a vibrator. Dude was probably jerking off (though of course we couldn’t see but it sounded like he was). In short… pathetic video. #BringBackOur11mbs

3. Maama Fiina

Still trying to figure out why Zari Was Using a Sex toy smaller and thinner than her finger. Did she have a Senga then?

4. Ojigbani Kojo

“We would like to first of all apologize to all people who have been duped with the sex tape going around. We at the Whatsapp nude Industry have always endeavored to make sure that anything associated with us is of quality. Our previous works ranging from Desires nudes can ascertain to this fact. We regret the fact that Zari chose to leak her tape without passing it through us to ensure it met the set standards. We condemn with the strongest words possible this unfortunate incident where many people have been robbed of MB’s .We would like to make it clear that we are in no way associated with that cheaply shot video rotating around. We appeal for calm as we are in talks with Zari to see if she can release something that befits the standards set by our organization.

As it has been our promise we will always strive to ensure that only high quality nudes and sex tapes are leaked. For now Zari joins the likes of Cindy,Brenda Nambi,Judith Heard who have been suspended from releasing any kind of nudity till we are sure they can meet the standards set. You can as well drop your number if you want to be added in our watsapp group

Thank you all.
Ojigbani Kojo
Chairman Whatsapp Nude Industry(Ugandan Chapter)”

6. KS Brian

So, after watching the alleged sex tape of Zari, I felt thirsty. It was natural for me to feel thirsty after 2minutes and 6 seconds of watching a documentary of Gobi desert………er I meant the Zari Sextape.

It finally hit me, why deserts were famous. They have no water. But dont get me wrong, they receive rain once a year.

So, I hit the bar. And ordered for some water. And then decided that dissing Zari without helping would be very inhuman. I mean, as a her number one fan, I would love her to be a perfect woman.

So, I dug up a few tips on HOW TO GET WATER.

1- Drink a lot of cooking oil. Cooking oil helps provide lubrication of all sorts. Ask Pennie. Now she floods the bedroom.

2- Engage in the MTN marathon of running for water.There is a big probability that as a prize, the organisers will give you free water.

3- Make God your everything. He flooded earth for 40days and nights. He sure can give one a few teaspoons or even a drum of water.

4- Make,”Make it rain” Lil Wayne and fat joe, your ringtone. Your brain will send signals to your floodgates.

5- Avoid sex during hot weather. Hot weather vapourises potential water and causes chronic dryness. Make sure you avoid sex in hot weater, please.

And lastly, as we go to the CIROC white Party, we should carry our own water. According to UN Statistics, there is a 99% chance that you won’t find any water there.

7. Ian Ortega (www.ortegaian.com)

Zari should be charged with attempted murder. The very same crime of that torturous house maid.

Have you ever waited for something so anxiously? That’s how I waited for the Zari Tape to download.

At 99% my phone blacks out because of no battery. After waiting for hours, UMEME finally sends me power.

I resume download. At 99% again, MTN informs me that I have to resubscribe for bundle. I buy 50mbs but I am told the service is unavailable. I go to Metroplex for wireless internet. I finally download the tape.

I go back to my bed, switch off every distraction. Get myself a Soda and pie and click play. Goodness… I kept assuring myself that it was going to get watery as I proceeded to watch. Alas, I had just seen the very reason we had to go for the MTN marathon.

I got a cardiac arrest. I had to look at Desire Luzinda’s nudes to resurrect myself. If this is not attempted murder, what is it? Not even the housemaid was this mean…

8.Kimbugwe Muzaphal

I here by decree (well, save me the titles this time) that no one should send me any of these Ugandan sex tapes again. Atleast not with all porn sites there is! A single google search can make you swim in porn!

BigEye.ug has learned that Zari has decided to buy her way into MTN Marathon next year earlier than most Ugandan women so as to run for water. She will also attend the Chameleone concert as they fundraise for water in Karamoja. And lastly, she has contacted various Ssengas around town such as Ssenga Nantume to take her through the basics of pulling, visiting the bush and getting water-logged like Bwaise. We wish her the best of luck. Otherwise from now on, she’s no longer the Boss Lady but The Dry Lady. As other Kampala women were busy visiting the bush, she was busy mining Diamonds.

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