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Fans left thrilled by Spice’s exquisite performance, sound and stage



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By BigEyeUg Team

Just days before the main event, fans were already left in awe by the size and quality of the stage at cricket oval in Lugogo where female songstress, Hajara Namukwaya staged her mega concert on Friday 15th January.

However, to ATS Events, the organizers, it was just a glimpse of what the fans should expect on due day. Fortunately, they didn’t disappoint.

Probably the most spacious and convenient stage ever seen in the events life of Uganda, was all  pimped up with satisfactory lighting at every point and unique gigantic LED screens that made it look like it was out of the country, elsewhere.

The sound production and quality was exquisite.

Revelers started to flock the venue at around midday, however this was just a smidgeon of what was going to be seen, later on in the day, more and more numbers continued to throng Cricket Oval to show love to Spice.

The producers of the show kept everyone on their toes anticipating to see what was in store for them as no artiste stepped on stage till late.

At exactly 9:00pm, Spice’s music started to play and it is at this time that she was set to step on stage, surprisingly, she didn’t.

While everyone kept their eyes on the stage, the girl of the moment escalated above the stage, up in the air while fireworks blew in the skies and within the blink of an eye, she was down on stage ready to kickstart her performance with songs like best friend, bimpe and others.

At this point everyone thought it was a one woman show but there was still a twist in events as artists like Shakira Shakira, David Lutalo, Omulangira Ssuuna, Big Eye and so much more showed up just after the 32 singer’s first session.

Also a number of big names in the industry flocked the VVIP section.

Just in the midst of comedians Madrat and Chiko’s performance, Spice Diana surprised revellers with Bobi’s Barbie Kyagulanyi on stage.

The latter praised the former for her kind and caring heart and as well through her foundation gifted her with flowers and an undisclosed cheque for her visibility in fighting for children living with autism. All this commenced on stage while fans made chants of ‘Bobi’.

Several performances from Dj Roja and Dj Mercy, Mudra, Sheebah Karungi, Winnie Nwagi and so much more.

The Sili regular hitmaker’s concert at the venue came after Swangz Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi filled up the same to capacity last year.

Up next at the same venue is legendary Chameleon’s Ggwanga Mujje on 10th February.

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