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Fans go wild at Burna Boy “Meet & Greet” party



Burna Boy "Meet & Greet" party

By Our Reporter

Last night, Kampala’s party lovers had an upclose experience with Nigerian star Burna Boy at a ‘Meet and Greet’ party held at former Pyramids Casino in Kololo.

The exclusive event was graced by a host of a-listers including local celebrities who forgot themselves once the Nigerian afro-beat artist made his presence at the venue.

The crowd was stirred up when Burna Boy stepped in the building, with some revelers fighting and struggling for that once-in-a-lifetime photo moment with the artist. Bouncers had a tough job keeping away the excited revelers as they tried to pave way for the artist.

Burna Boy "Meet & Greet" party

Dance moves were pulled, voices lost as Burna Boy thrilled the crowd when he got to stage and quenched the party goers thirst with a performance sample. The life eaters kept singing to the lyrics as he performed, the short lived moment left the house excited for today’s performance.

With the air oozing excitement, it was clear the VIP’s crew had come to begin their ‘Burna Boy experience’ as the Ciroc drinks kept coming in non-stop throughout the night.

The party continues tonight at The Sheraton Gardens.

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