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Everjobs Career Report: Providing employment opportunities for the young Ugandan workforce



Eric Lauer, Co-founder and Managing Director at Everjobs Africa speaking during the press conference.

Eric Lauer, Co-founder and Managing Director at Everjobs Africa speaking during a recent press conference.

This months’ Everjobs Uganda Career Report takes a closer look at the Ugandan job seeker market. According to a World Bank report, 70% of Ugandan fresh graduates are deemed unemployable. In 2012, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics exposed that the share of unemployed youth, which is the group aged between 18-30 years, among the total unemployed individuals within Uganda was 64%. This is also seen among the Job seekers, as the majority of job seekers is under 30 years of age.

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According to the Everjobs Uganda Marketing Manager Andreas Schühly, Everjobs takes this into account for the marketing strategy. “We at Everjobs know that the young generation is highly tech savvy and that we can find them on the different Social Media channels. Consequently we get in touch with them on portals like Facebook and Twitter. We try to motivate them and provide relevant information to support them in career building. Through these channels we can engage with the audience and get direct Feedback. As consequence, we just recently started to engage our audience on Instagram – which we believe to be the latest tool among young Ugandans. It is really motivating to get grateful comments on social media like ‘this page is really what I needed’ or just a simple ‘Thank you’.”

The Ugandan workforce is very young, but also highly skilled and experienced. On Everjobs Uganda, many experienced future employees can be found whose experience reaches up to 37 years. Around 30% of the employees carry at least one university degree, with many Post-Graduates. “We at Everjobs are very happy to have a representative sample of the Ugandan society in our database”, says Everjobs Country Manager Julian Schulz. “We can provide companies with a huge variety of highly motivated employees, from Accountant to Web Developer we can connect nearly anything”.

The data reveals also that most job seekers are male and live in the capital Kampala. While Entebbe, Mukono Jinja, Gulu and Mbarara are the following top locations.

According to Everjobs Business Growth Manager Hellen Nakyeyune, everjobs is aiming to expand the offers upcountry to attract more companies and more jobseekers.

Everjobs.ug is the fastest growing career portal in Uganda. With its intuitive and easy-to-use website, Everjobs allows jobseekers access to a large number of jobs in a wide range of industries, while enabling employers to target the right applicants in a large talent pool of candidates.

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