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“Even if FDC continues to urge their supporters to boycott our concerts, I won’t be affected!!!” – Bebe Cool



Bebe Cool visits wife in the US

Musician Bebe Cool has once again hit back at FDC party officials following a statement released earlier this week where the opposition party called on their supporters to boycott music concerts and events of all artists that played a role in the ‘Tubonga nawe’ campaign which saw President Museveni retain power.

The ‘Byebyo’ singer who came up earlier to state how they as artists who took part in this campaign had a choice to make as any other Ugandan has used his interview with NTV Uganda’s Miles Rwamiti to hit back at FDC saying he won’t be affected by the boycott.

“What have artists done, don’t we have a right to vote someone we like? Yes, they can go on and tell fans to boycott our music concerts but trust me, on my side I won’t be affected. If I can sell fifty tables at Serena with each being at five million, to me that’s enough rather than having eight thousand people at Kyadondo each paying ten thousand.” He lamented in the interview.

The singer also went ahead to question as to why boda boda cyclists and companies which supplied several products at the campaign trails are being left out of the boycott.

“How come they are not telling them to boycott boda boda cyclists who always followed the president around on his campaign trails? How come they have not told them to boycott products made by companies of business men who sponsor almost all political parties in the campaigns? Let FDC stop using force on everything with ther defiance theory, its high time they all use their brains to think about their action statements,” the singer added.

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