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Electral Commission gives update on the National Voters’ Register



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By Reporter

In accordance with Article 61 (1)(e) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (as amended), and Sections 18 and 19 of the Electoral Commission Act (Cap 140), the Electoral Commission will conduct a General Update of the National Voters’ Register, in preparation for the 2020-2021 General Elections.

The General Update of the National Voters’ Register will be conducted at update stations as shall be publicised for each parish throughout Uganda, from Thursday 21st November 2019 to Wednesday 11th December 2019, starting from 8:00am to 6:00pm, on each of the appointed dates, including weekends.

The public is urged to carefully note the following activities which will be undertaken during this General Update exercise:

*a) Registration of Citizens who are eligible to vote*

i) During the General Update exercise, the Electoral Commission will register eligible Ugandan citizens of 18 years and above, who are not yet registered as voters.

ii) The update exercise will be a self-reporting exercise in which a person intending to register as a voter will turn up in person at an update centre in order to provide his/her personal details, photograph, signature and finger prints.

iii) An eligible person who wishes to register as a voter will be able to do so at any of the update centres countrywide where a registration kit will be stationed.

iv) A person who is already registered as a voter anywhere in Uganda must not register again.

*b) Application for Transfer of Voting Location*

i) During the update exercise, registered voters who wish to transfer to new voting locations will be able to apply for such transfer.

ii) A voter who wishes to transfer to a new voting location must present confirmation that he/she originates from or is, at the time of application for transfer, a resident of the Parish of that (new) voting location. Such applicants should ensure they have details of their previous voting location.

iii) A person who wishes to apply for transfer of his or her voting location is free to present himself or herself at any of the update centres where a registration kit will be stationed.

*c) Confirmation of Registration Particulars*

i) The update exercise will also enable registered voters to check and confirm that their particulars are on the Register at voting locations which they indicated during registration.

ii) The exercise will further enable registered voters to confirm accuracy of their particulars on the Voters Register, and correct any error(s) that may be identified in their particulars on the Register.

iii) To facilitate this confirmation, the Commission will display at each update station, the Register of each polling station within the respective Parish/Ward.

iv) For purpose of clarity, voters may only make necessary correction in regard to spelling mistakes, gender and a mismatch of photograph, as the case may be.

v) Registered voters will not be able to make changes to their age/date of birth, or include (new) additional names.

*d) Update of Learners’ Information for Purposes of Voting*

i) During this exercise, the details of learners who were registered under the Learners Project in 2017 and have since attained the age of 18 years will be updated and assigned a polling station within their parish of residence or origin.

ii) Accordingly, such eligible learners must not register afresh but are advised to present themselves at the update centre with their National Identification Number (NIN) in order to specify their preferred polling stations for purposes of voting.

*e) Update of Registers of Special Interest Groups*

During this exercise, the Electoral Commission will also compile and update the following Voters’ Registers

i) The National Youths Voters’ Register for election of Youth Councils and Committees;

ii) The Workers’ Voters’ Register for election of Representatives to Parliament;

iii) The National PWDs Voters’ Register for election of PWD Councils and Committees;

iv) The National Older Persons Voters’ Register for election of Older Persons Councils and Committees.

*f) Cut-off Date for Registration of Voters and Application for Transfer of Voting Location*

The Electoral Commission has appointed Wednesday 11th December 2019, as the cut-off date for registration of voters in Uganda.

Registration and transfer of voters from one polling station to another within Uganda will not be conducted after this date.

The Electoral Commission appeals to all stakeholders in the electoral process to support the General Update exercise through enthusiastic participation, and in accordance with the guidelines which have been issued for this exercise.

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Celebrity Gossip

John Blaq set for debut concert tomorrow



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By Stuart G-Khast

John Blaq is with no doubt one if not the finest musician this year. His consistence with chart topping music for two straight years cannot go unnoticed. His catchy beats, lyrics and unique vocals gave him an edge in the industry.

While he has proven all the above on the airwaves, tomorrow will be the real test as he hold his maiden concert at Freedom City in A concert dubbed “Aya Baasi”

While speaking to journalists, the “Do Dat” hitmaker said he was going to perform live throughout the show and the fans should expect the best from him.

 “I will perform live. Nothing like singing on CDs. Expect a John Blaq you have never seen,” he promised.

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Celebrity Gossip

Richest Uganda Musicians as per 2019



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By Stuart G-Khast

It is always fun to see the list of top 10 Richest Musicians in Uganda

This is an interesting concept, because it proves two things to upcoming and ambitious musicians keep richest Uganda musicians. This is possible to build immense amounts of money as a music artiste. It allows you to grow your wealth and income even more by breaking into Music and becoming an Entrepreneur!

The struggle is real and lots of artists pay their dues and never breakthrough into the mainstream.  If you want to make the leap, get ready to become a marketer on top of writing songs and playing instruments, for example the following top 10 richest musicians in Uganda. Here is the top list of the richest musicians in Uganda.

1.  Bobi Wine


The self styled Ghetto Gladiator is living large.He is the richest musician in Uganda. Here are some of his property. Bobi Wine owns Bukoto based Fire Records, a residential house in Magere and also does farming in Gomba.

Bobi Wine drives an Escalade while he bought his wife Barbie a Range Rover which he also drives some times. He also owns a Land cruiser.

Bobi Wine owns One love beach Busabala.

The ghetto president has some shops and rentals in Kamwokya and land in Wandegeya among other things. He also owns a yatch branded ‘Regal Yacht’. He is also the Member of Parliament of Kyadondo East.

2. Jose Chameleone

The popular Ugandan Afro-Beat musician sings mostly in Luganda, English and Swahili. His music is a perfect blend of Ugandan folk music, Central African Rumba and zouk on a background of reggae. He is also known for his collection of cars. Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes Benz ML 200 super customer convertible and recently a Lamd Cruiser are among his priced possessions.This makes him one of the richest Uganda musicians above all. The singer owns two mansions in Arkright estates and two big farms in Mityana and Masaka.


3. Bebe Cool


He owns a full set sound system (PA) inclusive of a band, lighting and loud speakers that can serve an audience of 20,000 people.  Bebe Cool recently completed his Kiwatule based apartments and is constructing a huge house too.

He owns a hummer valued at USD 40,000 (about Sh 100 million) inclusive of taxes and now acquired a Land Cruiser V8.


4. Ragga Dee.

The veteran singer drives a hummer, owns a Beach located on Lake Victoria, Busabala, has a business dealing in importation of cars and cars for hire. He owns an expensive mansion that works as his home in Makindye Kampala. He is the fourth richest musician in Uganda.

5. Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo’s multi-million mansion in Seguku Capital Kampala. Kenzo in June 2015 purchased a multi million mansion in the heart of Kampala, Seguku. He owns a Range Rover, Black L Grande car and plots of land in Kampala.

He is the Ambassador of Airtel Uganda. He has toured in more than 30 countries around the world collecting the dollars that he is using to invest in the home country.

7. Mesach Ssemakula

Mesach Semakula is a founding member of Eagles Productions. He owns Kann studio, has several plots of land in Luweero, Kisenyi and Buwaate. He also owns several apartments in Buwaate, Lubowa and Zzana and a big rental flat in Bunamwaya. Mesach is also constructing a flat in Buziga. He makes it to top 10 richest musicians in Uganda.

8. Ronald Mayinja 

 Mayinja is one of  the founding member of Eagles production. Ronald Mayinja owns Roma Hotel, has land in Buziga, two houses in Lukuli Nanganda, Roma Hardware in Kireka and several plots of land. He also owns trucks (mainly Lorries) hired to transport goods. Ronald is among the richest Musicians in Uganda.


 7. Geoffrey Lutaaya


Geofrey Lutaaya, for De New Eagles. Geoffrey Lutaaya is another founding member of Eagles production living a wealthy life. Geoffrey Lutaaya owns a chain of properties. These are; a lavish home in Munyonyo, Durban Motel along Entebbe, Dance Flo bar/club in Nateete and several plots of land.

He is also constructing a hotel along Busabala road in addition to different cars he and his wife Irene Namatovu (also musician with De New Eagles ) own.

9. Grace Nakimera

 One of the best stage performers in Uganda , Grace Nakimera managed to collect a money which she used in investments. She also has inherited wealth and She owns various apartments in the city, she has many agricultural projects on her own land that she owns in Lugazi and in Wakiso. She drives a Prado.

10. Haruna Mubiru

Formerly a member of Eagles production, Haruna Mubiru is now the founder and CEO of Kream production.

He owns a well equipped Kream band, a flat in Kabowa, rentals in Kabowa, and expensive cars.

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BigEye Money

Retiring Master Brewer shows what Uganda is Made of with Nile Special Stout



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By Reporter

Nile Breweries Master Brewer Moses Musisi has done it again. After developing the great success brands Nile Special, Club and Eagle, he has now created the first Premium Ugandan Stout, a beer that he refers to as the crown on his career.

 Nile Special Stout is a stout Uganda can be proud of. It is brewed with the finest Ugandan Malts and Roasted Barley. It is brewed at the Source of the river Nile. The liquid is beautifully dark and has a truly satisfying rich taste with a long lingering but surprisingly clean after taste. A drinking experience crafted specifically for the growing appetite for richer and more rewarding beers in Uganda.Nile Breweries’ charismatic master brewer, Moses Musisi will start enjoying his well-deserved retirement in a few weeks. When discussing his retirement plans late last year he mentioned his passion for Ugandan beer and the lack of a proper Ugandan Stout. “We have local Dark lagers and there are imported stouts on the market, but I would really like to create a stout that will make Uganda proud,” Musisi said.

“We have tremendous confidence in Moses’ brewing skills; he is definition of a true craftsman, so when he expressed his wish to do something truly remarkable and create something that will be of value for the country, we quickly agreed to move ahead with the project. It is fantastic to see that after many months of crafting the liquid he got it absolutely right,” said Thomas Kamphuis, Country Director, Nile Breweries Ltd.

“In my view this is the legacy every brewer wants to leave,” he added. Nile Special Stout will be for sale to consumers from 29th November.

“As it is a black beer, launching on Black Friday is giving the launch a nice touch. We have a great consumer launch planned at Kyadondo Rugby Club where consumers can experience this great beer while we kick off the new rugby season,” Amou Majok, Nile Breweries Marketing Head said.

“As one of Uganda’s most iconic companies and the undisputed leader of the beer industry with 57.7% market share. We remain committed to brewing great-tasting, high-quality beers that have satisfied beer drinkers for generations. We are proud that 100% of our beers are made in Uganda,” she added.When asked about the ‘Hack’ she commented “In a world where attention is scarce, we needed to use a stunt that was ‘bold and strong’ to get the attention we believe this beer deserves. The campaign truly shows the power of social media and we have been blown away by how quickly it was picked up and the amount of attention it got.”

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