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Eddy Kenzo “not sorry” for hitting fan with a microphone



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By BigEyeUg Team

Singer Eddy Kenzo has defended his behavior after he threw a microphone at a fan during a performance.

During his campaign “The Road To Eddy Kenzo Festival” last weekend in Bwera – Kasese district, furious Eddy Kenzo hit one of the revelers with a microphone after he deliberately spilled drinks on him (Eddy Kenzo) while performing on stage.

Kenzo’s reaction has since sparked mixed feelings both online and the public.

Speaking on a phone call interview with a local TV station on Tuesday, the “Weekend” hitmaker wasn’t remorseful for his reaction after such an irritating action against him by a fan.

He also cried-foul that the drink spilled on him was a punch of alcohol and unidentified juice.

What was poured on me was alcohol mixed with other drink coz I smelt on it. I don’t know how some can mean to be. Someone came and disrespected me and poured weird stuff on me. Am not here to plead for a sympathy vote, I can’t do that to other people though. I respect people and I love people,” Eddy Kenzo told Spark TV.

It’s on the record that for the past two years in Uganda, the rate at which musicians are embarrassed while performing on stage is overwhelming.

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