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Eddy Kenzo clashes with Chameleone after blocking his performance at Hotel Africana.



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Eddy Kenzo

Singer Eddy Kenzo is headed for trouble after falling out with the country’s biggest singer Chameleone.

Apparently the singer is not seeing eye to eye with Chameleone and the Valu Valu singer has vowed to teach the young singer a lesson.

While at his concert last Friday, Chameleone came to Hotel Africana to support Eddy Kenzo and sing for the fans. Upon learning that Chameleone was around, Eddy Kenzo ordered the organisers not to let him perform, something that irked Chameleone.

“Eddy Kenzo ordered the emcees not to let Chameleone step on stage for fear of stirring up the crowd more than himself which would make his international friends learn that he actually isn’t the biggest singer in the country,” one of the orgnisers revealed. Still for fear of the same, Kenzo ordered King Saha and Bobi Wine not to step on stage.

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