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Eddy Kenzo blasts Bobi Wine in leaked audio



By BigEyeUg Team

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There is a seething rivalry between Eddy Kenzo and Bobi Wine. This came to light after Kenzo’s private phone conversations were leaked online.

Eddy Kenzo

In the recorded phone call audio that is making rounds on social media, Eddy Kenzo has no kind words for Bobi Wine.

Kenzo accuses Bobi Wine of abandoning his fellow musicians and even refusing to respond to their WhatsApp messages.

We should have already kicked-off a collective political talk as artists but Bobi Wine has resented and instead taking himself to be superior. Bobi Wine is taking his fellow musicians for granted after them declaring support to him,” Kenzo said.

The former BET award winner also claims Bobi Wine has publicly disrespected fellow singer, Jose Chameleone when he rejected endorsing him in his new political party, National Unity Platform but instead awarded card to singer Roden Y Kabako.

If you are keen, he denied endorsing Jose Chameleone into his political party but he did to singer Kabako.” he adds.

Bobi Wine

Kenzo further laments that even after showing his love and support to Bobi Wine during the 2017 campaigns, Bobi has never reciprocated the love or showed support even during his recent miserable days.

He did not ask for my help but I reasoned with my two songs; Volongoto and Biwobe but he has never recognized me and supported me when my life was hard,” Kenzo added.

The father of two further declared to drop his support to Bobi Wine and instead shift it to President Museveni in the upcoming Presidential elections.

I’m now going to support Museveni, whole heartedly. What has Bobi Wine helped me personally. Now let him fight his own wars if he thinks am useless,” he stated.

If you are keen on his social media, Kenzo has of recent been concerned with the way Bobi Wine’s supporters are maliciously attacking other political parties and threatening their lives.

Listen to the audio here:

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