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Drake’s BootCamp set to happen this weekend



Since the outbreak of Covid, we have seen that working out can be whatever we want it to be; not restricted to treadmill or weight room.

Ssebwato Erick Drake Mukasa commonly known as The Grand Architect; is one such person changing how people in Kampala look at working out.

A group and one on one strength and conditioning coach, Drake is the CEO of Drake’s BootCamp, a corporate outdoor gym that meets at Velocity, in Kyanja.

He started out his journey as a fitness coach in High school, at Katikamu SDA, where he was the school Aerobics and dance instructor.

Fast forward, Drake has managed to set up a fully equipped outdoor fitness center, the first of its kind in kyanja. Drake’s Bootcamp attracts over 30 corporates on a daily for his contemporary workout programmes which mimic day to day activities like tyre flips, power step ups and other rotation exercises.

What’s unique about Drake’s Boot Camp?

While others mostly focus on cardios, our training programs also focus on creating a good balance in the muscle and fat ratio. Our exercises are aimed at reducing the body fat percentage while increasing the musculature of the people that train with us,” says Drake.

Drake says they have created many success stories due to their transformation program and have helped people get into the best shapes.

On 25th June, Drake’s Boot Camp will host the FIT & FREE CHARITY BOOTCAMP, a fitness meets charity event whose proceeds shall go into creating safe spaces for young people struggling with mental health challenges.

Drake’s bootcamp has partnered with Pearl Generation Uganda, a youth centered focusing on youth empowerment programs with emphasis on building confidence and self-sufficiency among young leaders, to make this happen.

It will be a family- full day event that will run from 9 in the morning, starting with a fitness bootcamp, obstacle races and later fun activities including dance, games and a bouncy house for kids.

The event goes for 100k which comes with a Drake’s Boot Camp branded T-shirt, food and drinks. The donation to the charity is also inclusive of the money.

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