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Does Man-Hood Size Matter: Guy Makes Documentary After His Girlfriend Dumped Him



Most women, when they do the dumping, tend to opt for bland yet inoffensive explanations such as “I’m not the right place at the moment” or “I’d like us to be friends”.

One woman’s decision to be brutally honest about why she was dumping 30-year-old comedian and actor Patrick Moote – “Your man-hood is too small – resulted in him making a documentary about man-hood size.

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UnHung Hero is a documentary or ‘cockumentary’ as Moote calls it, where he tries to go around the world to find out how other cultures view man-hood size and asks his ex-girlfriends about whether it mattered when they were together.

There are some rather shocked-looking people on the street who are asked for their opinion, and a fairly hairy moment when he visits a group of men for options to make his man-hood bigger and is confronted with a rather scary needle containing the fluid that will ‘pump’ it up.

“Who’s going to be with me after this documentary airs?” Moote wails, but beneath the wry, funny look at man-hood size is a real question waiting to be answered. Some answer it predictably “People who say man-hood size doesn’t matter doesn’t have a big man-hood,” says one brash man, while another lady tries to explain: “It’s like opening a gift and sometimes you have to pretend that the gift is amazing, when it isn’t.”

Source: Information Nigeria


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